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    chachachow (Vor 2 Jahren) #16059874Lessee, sorry for the wait, love!
    Purchased Cheerful Japan! Miku ITEM #80601 and Harvest Moon Miku ITEM #323689 in a bundle from Equius~ \o Very responsive to my questions, was very patient when I took 2387437 years to respond, very reasonable pricing (got very close to my preferred $ on both figures) and shipping, shipped quickly, and both figures were in great shape <333
    About A/B for CJ!Miku and A/S for HM!Miku for condition. Seller is S/S!
    Thanks for the sale <3

    Thank you so much for your feedback!! I really appreciate it! I hope we can do business again in the future! :D
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    chachachow (Vor 2 Jahren) #15969912Then I'll stop by tomorrow too! (Maybe because of time zones?)

    Haha! You're too sweet ;)
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    chachachow (Vor 2 Jahren) #15969479I'm a little late but happy birthday love! Election day or otherwise.

    Thank you so much! :) It's actually tomorrow, but for some reason it says it's today? Weird!
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    hey nice to meet you you have a nice collection!! sorry it took me a while i couldn't figure out where i accept/decline >>; love the images you have on the front page, the only one i don't know is the girl who has the money..
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    chachachow (Vor 2 Jahren) #15546038Have a wonderful birthday, love ~!

    Thank you so much lovely!! <3 c:
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    chachachow (Vor 2 Jahren) #15036059Bonjour~ ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) I saw your diary entries on Reader's Choice and you seem like a very cute person based on your profile! I really rushed my collecting and my wallet feels the pain ;;/ No need to hurry that quickly! I love your Denpa Onna figures!

    Thank you very much! (*´▽`*)
    I feel your pain, even though my collection isn't much my wallet has suffered. But I can't help but want more, this is both an expensive and addictive hobby...
    You've got a lot of orders, I'm impressed °0°
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    Hello, thank you for the friend invite! ヾ(^∇^)
    That's a great collection you have there! I hope I get to that much one day.
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    I’m gonna reply to your comment here instead of on the item page just cause I don’t want to spam the comment section for the figure with our convo : )

    First, yes, *NEVER* purchased anything from BiJ. They are god-awful. I’m so depressed still that I missed the Yato figure because of their screw up. It’s not like I even missed the pre-order period, I was in and had secured a figure, only to get an email several days after the release that they did not have enough inventory to fill the demand. I had absolutely no idea it would end up costing $450+. I thought I’d be able to purchase him on the aftermarket for maybe $200, which I would have done, but the current price is ridiculous, and I can’t afford to spend that much money on just one figure; there are several other figures I missed out on last year (I *really* need to get the two Tales figures I missed out on first) and the $450+ price tag covers my rent and utility bills. It’s awesome that you finally got him though, I can’t lie, I’m *very* jealous of you : (

    I never even drew the conclusion between Bones produced series and lack of merchandise, but holy crap you’re right! That’s depressing, Bones is my favorite production company, the animation is *always* so beautiful. I often wondered why there was no merchandise for Ouran and FMA, because both those series are insanely popular. I guess now that I know that, we probably will never get any other company producing any new Noragami merch. I’m still confused why there was no Yukine figure though when Yato and Hiyori was made? Yukine is a popular character too, he was actually my favorite in the first season. It was the second season where him and Yato really became equal. I love Hiyori as well, but I’m always partial to male characters in all honesty.

    I’m super happy that there have already been figures made for Bungou Stray Dogs! Dazai actually isn’t one of my favorites though, but I'll probably order him anyway, especially after what you brought to light about Bones produced series. I’d absolutely die if they were to make a Chuuya full scare figure, I ordered his nendo, but I’m holding out hope for a scale for him as well. Him and Ranpo are my favorite characters from the series, and I know Ranpo will never get one, but since Chuuya got something so early already, I’m hoping that’s good news for something future for him. I’m surprised Atsushi hasn’t gotten something yet, since he is really the other main character (even though it’s an ensemble cast).

    It makes me sad that genuinely great series don’t get the attention and love that they deserve – Noragami and Natsume Book of Friends, my two all time favorite series, really have small fandoms. Casual anime watchers don’t go much deeper than what is main-stream, and that’s currently the long running shounen series, Shingeki no Kyojin, One Punch Man, re:Zero, etc… I count myself lucky that Natsume actually has a lot of merchandise at least, but I wish it was a series more people were aware of.

    There really *needs* to be a season three of Noragami, there was so much left unanswered… I mean I know a lot because of the manga, but it would still be fantastic to see that play out in the anime. It’s a shame we have to wait so long, but I’m optimistic that it’ll happen. I was hoping and wishing for a new Natsume season which of course we finally got this year too. I know it’s different production companies, but still…. As for your idea for another cooler pose I *love* that picture and that pose! I’ve never seen that picture, so thank you first for sharing that with me (may make it my phone wallpaper lol!). That would make for a totally unique figure though, I can’t really recall any other male figure being posed in that sort of fashion. As much as I want another Yato figure like that, I first want Yukine to get one. I’m not sure what sort of pose I’d like for him, I think a lot could be done with him though considering what he is. Not only that, but I think he would make for a very pretty figure with his colors. *sigh* I may eventually break down and purchase the Yato figure, it just depends on how much money I can get from holiday and birthdays… because just going with my earnings from work I can’t buy him on my own.
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    chachachow (Vor 2 Jahren) #14723638wwwwww ;A; Sorry for the long wait! I left your comment in my notifications with the intention of getting back to you eventually but I've been sick since DragonCon, swamped with work, and super sleepy yet sleep deprived! Been watching a lot of anime these past few days, too, and I assume there's a coorelation -A-
    (i have a cosplay i have to put together before next month, too sobsob at least i have the base accessories (´;ω;`) がんばろう!)
    I'm a total boke and haven't even started season two yet even though season three is coming out in a few weeks (,,꒪꒫꒪,,) I've purchased the first two volumes of the new English manga release, though, so hopefully I can start following through on that! I've been terrible at catching up to even KnB what the heck me........ if I dedicate myself to one thing I'm guaranteed to start streaming random anime or neglect anime for months orz Waiting on the Morose Mononokean's next episode ehhehheh
    (I have Kenma on order from MHToyshop but he's not in stock yet until the 16th so waiting game! orz Suga-san I preordered on the spot, though. I'd love Kuro-kun at some point! And maybe a rerelease for Oikawa since Kagehina already has three orz Let me know what you think of Kenma when you get him! I still don't have any room right now to display why am I still buying figures?!? but I'll try and figure it out when I get there D:)
    lmao I'm a true OTP type! Kagehina and Daisuga clocking in ahahaha also shame me but Kisekuro for KnB because damn true underdogs...
    MFC Discord? Is that a club or chat channel? I haven't really been hanging out anywhere, I think. Buying figures has been my #1 priority latey so I'm usually on here--occasionally I'll drop into Tumblr (@laquotidienne) and mass repost for 10 hours straight when I should be sleeping. I have a twitter because fuji-tan is a big tweeter, but I haven't been invested in that site since I stopped roleplaying APH in 2010. (Oi, oi, I'm not going to make any new friends at this rate.)
    UNLIMITED DOUJIN WORKS yes ;n; You got me looking at doujin again, dangit! Except I can't do doujin and figures at the same time orz! Buying some artbooks from candysweett since I've been craving that too, god.
    Tsuna's so adorable, though (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* I still need to finish watching the series ahahha I'm glad I stuck through episode 95 though because KHR stepped on the gas after that, story and quality wise! I wonder if anyone ever made scales... I'm gonna go look after I post this, haha!
    AoKuro vs Kisekuro is pain I remember that insanity! Honestly, don't make otaku life harder than it has to be, ehhhh. I want to go to Comiket at some point, if only so I can get limited and con-only doujin goods O(≧∇≦)O!! I'm even willing to wait for hours in heat, snow, and sleet! (WonFes might be a lifetime goal, too) Wall circles... well, I haven't been invested in a wall since 2014... probably. Inumog and Hummel are always worth it though. It depends on when I'll eventually go, I guess. Maybe bunbunhanten if they're still working on things I like?
    okay okay omg I'll take a look ruby-san もう...やめてください ;u;
    Oh, please do! I want to have a taste! Have you seen the first episode of the TK anime, by the way?
    P.P.S. oh, my goodness thank you ;A; my poor wallet, though! I'll have to do a review at some point. The Dendrobium sisters are wonderfully sculpted although there are little blemishes that irk me (some messy hair pieces)--but quality to price ratio is excellent! And Alice Exhibition is really pretty! MHToyshop was great to work with and this is my first Native piece <3 It makes me excited to think of how Aoba will look with this kind of quality my poor wallet...
    ⤴︎ ε=ε=(ง ˃̶͈̀ᗨ˂̶͈́)۶ ⤴︎
    RPG: I'm playing a tiny bit of Phantom of the Kill because I got interested by ITEM #378661 and it's all right? A little bit of Girl x Battle (chinese-based, English variant), too, but both are basically pay-to-play once you get to a certain point. I'd love to play Fate Grand Order and some of the other mobile RPGs, but they're not available to download in the States! (Hobbymax is releasing a figure from a Chinese girls-as-guns mobile game called Girls' Frontline and she's so pretty >< www.1999.co.jp/...)
    Honestly, if I could just buy them as regular RPGs instead of RPGS + microtransactions, I'd appreciate that! ;A; I spend enough money as is! also there are so many great Fate figures, I'm doomed if I start spiraling down that path

    Anime/Cons/work/cosplay: お疲れ様でした!

    I got my Kenma from Anime-Island (because of free shipping and since they're US based you should check it out?) but release date is Oct 31st... My feels. So you can tell me about his quality lol. I just caved ordered Suga-san (I kinda hope they make Daichi now because OTP reasons...). SUGA TOO CUTE HIS SMILE aaaaaahhhhhh /

    and oh myy you have 23 figs on preorder + manga? and you want buy more? the daily struggle of figure collectors がんばります ;A;/

    I just started but Discord looks like an edgier version of skype I guess. If you do join up let me know and I can send you invite link for mfc channel? I'm still figuring out how it works @-@ As for twitter (my handle is @rubysp_720. Beware of a lot of touken ranbu/FGO re-tweets よろしく) I use it a lot more now because it's a direct link to a lot of pixiv artists/figure blogs -I wanna see Haikyuu nendo's prototypes asap!-/shops (amiami, koto, gsc, toranoana). My wallet and I are no longer talking lol

    I confess I never finished Reborn OTZ Stopped after the Time travel arc (and I think Hetalia craze latched on during that time) but apparently story wise it went downhill or so my cousins says. For figures they only made ITEM #2189 Hibari and ITEM #7061 Mukuro (I WANT TYL PINAPPLE HEAD PLZ).

    Comiket & WonFest are so worth going! If only see all the fan energy generated. I think you can run a small city on their enthusiasm alone XD. I recommend going during Winter though (it gets around 2-6 degrees cold though it haven't snowed in the few times I've been there), summer is hideously bad because you're trapped indoors with 100k other people and you do NOT want to go to the toilet (1/2hr waiting line). Wonfest is slightly better in terms of crowd. There's a lot of amazing doujin goods from calendar to dishes and cups (Hummel had a nice heart shaped Shizaya bowl one year) though you want get there early because a lot of them sell out fast OTZ. Speaking of Inumog & Hummel. I think they're working on Tkrb and Ensemble stars respectively (thank the lord I'm not into idol stuff). I'm not familiar with bunbunhanten but a quick search shows they're doing KageHina... (MUST. RESIST)

    Ok I'm a weak hypocrite because these are my latest doujins bought. I. MUST. STOP. *headdesk

    RPG: oooh. I checked out Phantom of the Kill (though not available in Aus) as well due to the pretty fig but it reminds me of Fire Emblem a LOT lol. And what phone are you on? If you are on ios you can create a Japanese account to download FGO and I'm sure there's a LOT of ways to dl FGO on android *gogogogo SUFFER >:)

    And the mobile rpg games are smart. They make waaaaaaaay more from micro-transactions than 1 complete game because we're suckers. I was just going through FGO reddit earlier and one guy pulled $250 worth of Gacha in this current event alone (@_@;)

    PS: sent you the Touken Ranbu tutorial (and btw you can set it up on your phone as well you can play on desktop & phone)

    PPS: I'm sorry for missing anything and sorry for the massive essay and don't worry about immediate replies. I'm usually super slow in getting back to people so take your time (/ω\)
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    chachachow (Vor 2 Jahren) #14752924Aside from that long essay I wrote back to you, I'm having a really hard time deciding who to preorder from for a couple of figures that've caught my eye :c You're an Aussie; are there Aussie shops that have better deals in the end? (MHToyshop has $7 flat rate shipping and Akiba Soul has $5.99 flat rate shipping, so it's hard to decide.........)

    What figure are you considering? I can have a look over here for you?

    And I don't know about other collectors here but our local shops are usually overpriced, lacks variety and up to date but hella overpriced. I just order from Japanese shops like Amimi, Mandarake, Proxy and sometimes TOM is cheaper (when they were offering free shipping with $100 spent).

    Shipping... OTZ
    Vor 2 Jahren
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