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  • Hey about your Poll in that forum where one has to sign up separatly (laaazy):

    I don't know either how long figures can last. But, even the cheap plastic toys like hero turtles from the early 90s I used to play with as a kid did not easily lose their paint, even though I smacked them together really heavily. Their joints tended to break during seasonal temperature change in spring or autumn though when I played with them. When I receive new figures during winter, I don't unbox them right away but instead let them warm up during the day inside home first because PVC does get very hard and unflexible in cold weather, just as it gets bendy when warmed up. The horror pics of figures with bend knees are probably from people leaving them in the sun.

    I heard the same about sealed figures. I still bought a 2009 release sealed figure last year and there was no plasticiser oozing out or damage at all. I prefer second hand displayed ones though. I once (and only once) got one where the former owner obviously didn't care about their figure at all, it had spots (probably coffee) and paint transfer everywhere (part of the dress was removable). Even that, when cleaned off, had not damaged the paint underneath. However, I noticed on several occasions that cast off figures easily lose (and transfer) dye on their clothing, so I'm not undressing them more than once for the initial packaging removal.

    So my answer would be: Probably a very long time if they are maintained. Just like other items. Like theoretically our everyday items like furniture or tools could last forever in pristine condition if they aren't used. But if you stow them away in a dusty wet basement for two decades and forget about it, they will probably not look that fresh anymore.
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Anime, Figures and Manga For Less!