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    Hi everyone ^_^

    Today I rewatched the entire series of Date A Live and it made me realize how bad I'd like to see more characters getting the figure treatment! It's such a cute & funny show with so many adorable girls (and yeah, some guys too!) and I think it definitely deserves to have more figures.

    So far (and please correct me if I'm wrong on this) there are only 4 characters that were made into (1/8) scale figures: Tohka, Yoshino, Kurumi and Origami. While I personally would love to have even more Tohkas, many of the characters of DAL would make awesome figures as well: Just think of Kotori (with white or black ribbon outfits or in her commander look) and Reine (in her Ratatoskr uniform & her little teddy bear or in her lab coat). They'd be great figure material! Miku would be a super cute figure too and of course the Yamai girls would be insta buys for me!

    So what do you think? Any DAL girls or boys you would like to see in your collection?

    (I hope it's okay for me to start a new thread. I'd just love to hear your opinions on the topic!)
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    I'd like to see Shido, because he is the main character and his figure is long overdue.
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    I'd love to see all of the spirits (Including the visual novel exclusive spirits like View spoilerHide spoilerRinne Sonogami) and Shido get prize figures. Some of the spirits already have prize figures but they appear to be somewhat rare as I've seen the Tohka prize figure and the Kurumi prize figure be rather expensive.
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