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Puella Magi Madoka Magica ClubWho's Your Favourite Mahou Shoujo?

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  • 114 Antworten
  • xxangelchanxxVery Important Boarder
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    WindsorSeven (Vor 5 Jahren) #1564533xxangelchanxx (Vor 5 Jahren) #1564472WindsorSeven (Vor 5 Jahren) #1563230xxangelchanxx (Vor 5 Jahren) #1563098Mami is a really weak character, there's really nothing to admire about her aside from the fact that she has boobs, homura on the other hand is completely different story, shes an awesome character definitely my fav, second is sayaka for her interesting storyline line.

    Err, I think there's a lot to like about her. Just because she didn't have half enough screen time as the other characters doesn't mean she can't be as interesting :/

    When did i say she wasn't interesting though? (which i do actually think that but i'll keep that one to myself)

    You implied it when you said "there's really nothing to admire about her aside from the fact that she has boobs".
    Can I ask why you don't think she's interesting?

    Thats a reasonably large assumption, Its hard to be interested in a character who's barely had any screen time and on top of that i don't like her character like i previously mentioned shes really weak especially compared to the rest of the girls, View spoilerHide spoiler for example her multiple breakdowns like when she tried to kill everyone because of what happened to Sayaka or when she started crying to Madoka because she felt alone, i just don't like weak characters.
  • HarumikuRegular Boarder
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    I absolutely love Sayaka <3 she was such a lovely charecter 8D definantly deserves some more love c:
  • Chaotic-heartRegular Boarder
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    I love Homura and Sayaka :3 But too bad I'm only allowed to vote once
  • kai789Regular Boarder
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    l love Kyouko
  • AllieMarieRegular Boarder
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    Tough but I think I'll pick Mami.
  • ghirahimNeeds more KyoukoRegular Boarder
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    Kyouko is definitely my favourite! I found her backstory to be really sad :c

    Followed by Homura and Mami. Madoka is also really growing on me (and although I don't dislike Sayaka, she'll never be my favourite character.)
  • LovelyIdiotRegular Boarder
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    Homura is my favourite, followed by Kyouko and Sayaka and then Mami and then Madoka.

    I think Sayaka has the nicest design though. Mami's still pretty nice.

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  • neptunecadet~Sayonara no Tsubasa~Regular Boarder
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    Harumiku (Vor 5 Jahren) #1583343I absolutely love Sayaka <3 she was such a lovely charecter 8D definantly deserves some more love c:

    I agree! Sayaka is my favorite! I feel like she's the most realistic out of the girls. I really like View spoilerHide spoilerhow she gets depressed because I feel like her emotions are real. I also like her personality in the very beginning too when she's all friendly and cute. I also love her design. I just...Sayaka is awesome!
  • ColdlightSayaka★MagicaRegular Boarder
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    Sayaka, most definitely! If it's not obvious enough already. ^^;

    neptunecadet (Vor 5 Jahren) #1668700I also like her personality in the very beginning too when she's all friendly and cute. I also love her design. I just...Sayaka is awesome! I really appreciate how you remember that about her! Most people only remember her downfall, but I do remember and adore her original genki girl personality too. I love everything about her - from her genki girl self, to her dedication, to her theme, to her colors, her voice - even her voice actress.

    We Sayaka fans may be fewer in number, but we make up for it by loving her more. :)

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  • GogeRegular Boarder
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    Sayaka. I really like Mami too, but Sayaka is just too perfect. Her design, voice, personality - everything.
  • Poorfag-chanRegular Boarder
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    Poorfag-chan is best Mahou Shoujo; she does so much amazing shit behind the scenes.

    On a different note, Kyouko would probably get a few extra votes if the seiyuu from Puella Magi Madoka Magica had accounts here. Or maybe she already has their votes...

    TheMadokaWiki- Every seiyuu is gay for Kyouko.
    - Aoi Yuuki (Madoka) claims Kyoko to be her waifu with extreme infatuation.
    - Aoi Yuuki (Madoka) declared her love for Kyoko in Magical Girls Tea Party CD and her desire to marry her in the audio commentary for Episode 5. Ai Nonaka questions her choice and informs her all she ever does is eat. Aoi Yuki is ok with this and declares she would just adjust.
    - In same comentary Chiwa Saitou (Homura) sounds annoyed, some suggested perhaps she is jealous. But the question is, jealous of whom?
    - Aoi Yuuki (Madoka) goes even more gaga for Kyoko in the audio commentary for Episode 7, "The one I love, it's Kyouko-tan." "Kyouko-tan is the absolute best!" "it's like she isn't trying to be cool, but she's still REALLY cool."
    - In the "C81 Aniplex Madoka Special Talk CD", not even two minutes has passed and Aoi Yuki's already fangirling over Kyouko-tan~
    - Chiwa Saito (Homura) is gay for Kyoko too.
    - It turns out that Ryouko Shintani (Hitomi) who is the guest for the Episode 7 commentary, is another one that's gay for Kyouko too. "I love Kyouko."
    - Eri Kitamura (Sayaka) is the Seme to Kyoko's Uke.
    - Chiwa Saito (Homura) confesses that when she saw Kyoko's sacrifice scene with Aoi Yuuki (Madoka) and Emiri Kato (Kyubey), they all cried. They found the scene moving.
  • HintkoRegular Boarder
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    1/ Homura-chan, absolutely
    i also love Akuma Homura and Moemura
    2/ Kyouko and Sayaka - my OTP
    3/ Nagisa-chan
    4/ QB =))

    have never really liked Madoka ._.
  • HimenagiRegular Boarder
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    :point at my avatar: Nagisa-chan of course
    too bad she doesn't appear much
    hope they will make madoka movie 4 of which nagisa might have more character development
    they really need to reveal her background and stuff
  • WeeacvntRegular Boarder
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    Kyouko is my favorite. She's beautiful, she likes food and she has such a spicy character. <3
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