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    Is there any Idolmaster cards you'd love to see made into a figure most? Personally I think Bunny Natsuha would be really awesome. Haruka's [Fortune Girl]+ card from Mirishita would also be really cool!
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    PrettybarfVor 1 Monat#102501164Party all-night+ also Princess of the Mushroom Village♪+

    That Koume SSR would be SO cute as a figure, she’s definitely in the top ones I want to see made of her with her Christmas card! I think this mobage card of hers would be really nice as a figure too
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    Anzu's Little Riddle+ or Summer Fatigue+ I think, I like those SR cards so much of hers.

    Also Riamu's Rising Feelings SR+ would be a nice option too, since it shows her true personality as a wotagei idol fan.
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    SmeyVor 1 Monat#102968375Anzu's Little Riddle+ or Summer Fatigue+ I think, I like those SR cards so much of hers.

    totally agree on little riddle anzu, oh my gosh. her having the DJ booth as part of it would be soooo fun. i really like the little riddle outfits a lot too, they’re super cute
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    my biggest dream would be the Angel Koito SR. It's very unlikely but I think it'd be super cute, especially with the little cherubs as props. Her initial SSR as well, though it'd have to be by a good company, because I can only imagine all the leaning issues ;;

    Hinana's 2nd SSR would be super cute too!!
    tbh i just want the rest of noctchill so my Madoka won't be lonely TT

    L'Antica also has a lot of good figure potential!! Kiriko specifically, because my god. I really wanna see her long, flowey hair sculpted.

    I'm also hoping for the Alstroemeria angel set. Maybe even their date set? Specifically Amana's unproduced.

    For Cingirls, Chitose's Fascinate and Scarlet Rose Noble. I really wanna see a figure of her and Chiyo sitting together!!

    I neeeeeed a Nina figure. Sparkling Sakura Class♪+ would be great, and Tons Of Friends would kill me with cuteness T_T..
    Rika's Circle☆Of☆Friends+ would be adorable too!!
    Miria's Little Nurse+ would be an instant PO as well.

    And lastly, she's unvoiced so it's very unlikely, but Yasuha's SR One More Step+ would be a dream come true.

    this turned out so long, forgive me;;
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    As someone who is into every imas game, there's so many cards that would make lovely figures, i'm just going to list ones for deresute right now to save time.

    First off, I would love a Nono Morikubo figure based off of The Tale of Shooting Star Woods

    I need a Nina Ichihara figure. She's one of my bestgirls after all. I'm surprised she doesn't have a scale one yet, I honestly thought she was more popular. Sparkling Sakura Class♪+ or Fairytale Story would be perfect. imagine the cuteness!!!

    We deserve a Yukimi Sajo figure after... this. I'm biased, so I would love to have a figure based off The Kitten's Garden
    Or you could go more gothic and have one based off Secret Serenade+

    I would absolutely adore a Kozue Yusa figure based off Wish Upon A Star+ Imagine! Iridescent outfit, sparkles and everything!

    I'm also biased because I love lolitas, but Risa Matoba would look so cute with a Maiden's Policy+

    Now, this is highly unlikely because she's unvoiced, but I would kill for a Tokiko Zaizen figure. There's so. many. options.
    For Even If You Perish+ , Queen of Queens+ and Empress Jailer+ to name a few.
    though, honestly, i would love a figure of tokiko in literally anything ;-;

    Another unlikely one because she's unvoiced, but obligatory sexy Halloween Queen+ Arisa Mochida figure. Or, you could go with something more traditional to her character like Cheering with Usako-chan+

    this is super long, sorry. i got a little passionate there.
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