Nendo LoversDo you think they'll ever make Final Fantasy Nendoroids?

  • alyssa
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    Or any Square Enix related Nendoroids for that matter?
  • nekosasuke
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    I think there might be a possibility they will..it would be really cool to finally get some FF nendos. Id love one of Cloud (especially since the remake is coming out next year) and some other characters from the other games.

    They did make nendos for Sora ITEM #738651 and Riku ITEM #740116 from Kingdom Hearts (which is also a Square Enix game series) so maybe theres hope for Final Fantasy too!
  • Mash_Kyrielight
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    I would love it if they would! There are some great potential Nendoroids from Squenix holdings!
  • Elise_Grimwald
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    I think it's doubtful, but I'd LOVE it if they did. Square tends to be finicky with licensing, and doesn't really seem to let anyone make figures of their games aside from them.
    Kingdom Hearts nendos only exist because of Disney, from what I understand. And it stinks. :/

    If they did make them, I'd want one of Tifa, Aeris, Cait Sith, Cid, Yuffie, Vincent, Reno, or Rufus. Final Fantasy 7 was a big deal for me for a large part of my life, and those were my favorite characters (and still are lol). Unfortunately for me, aside from Aeris or Tifa, the chances are almost nonexistent to see a nendo get made for them.

    As for other Final Fantasy games, a nendo of Dagger/Garnet, Selphie, Quistis, Terra/Tina, Yuna, or Vivi would be great.
  • us4gitsukino
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    I"d sincerely hope so! I"d be glad to buy many characters as I love FF as a whole, but unfortunately it seems they don't have any plans for nendos. I'm almost certain of this because they have their own line of Play Arts Kai Chibi, and the idea seems a lot like nendoroids (with changeable face expressions, hands, poses, backgrounds,etc), but of course, not nearly as cute as one.

    To me, this signals they might never team up with GSC and make FF nendos. It's very sad really, as I'm sure that even if they only released it as a limited edition it would be likely to sell out immediately.

    As someone pointed down below, Sora and Riku nendos were made, but I think they were able to exist only because of Disney and not Square. I have the impression that Square only wants to hog all its money to itself and not let other companies join in, much to the dismay of fans such as me.

    TLDR probably not but hey hope exists
  • Rgomez
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    I think so, since they already made Kingdom Hearts nendoroids
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