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    favorite character ?

    31%Tohka Yatogami.
    40%Kurumi Tokisaki.
    7%Kotori Itsuka.
    2%Shido Itsuka.
    4%Origami Tobiichi.
    0%Tamae Okamine.
    1%Reine Murasame.
    0%Mana Takamiya.
    4%Tohka, Yoshino and Kurumi
    1%Yoshino and Kotori
    1%Miku Izayoi
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    My favorite character is.......... Tohka Yatogami jujuju XP

  • naisor
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    Vor 7 Jahren
    I'm also guilty of having Yatogami Tohka as my favorite character. That, and I kind of started tracking a little bit her voice actress Inoue Marina the moment her voice sounded a little bit familiar to me.
  • Homuciferu
    HomuciferuRegular Boarder • lv7
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    Vor 6 Jahren
    0 for reine san? D:>
  • ragna92
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    Vor 6 Jahren
    Definitely Kurumi. Love her powers, apperance, and personality. One of the most interesting if not the most interesting characters I've seen in a harem.
  • maximimon
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    Vor 6 Jahren
    of course its Tokisaki Kurumi ^^ , she is close to become my third waifu XD
  • Alxis
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    Vor 4 Jahren
    Of course my waifu is Tohka!!

    Tohka is justice !!
  • ComboChrist
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    Vor 4 Jahren
    Kurumi ofc. But I wouldn't necessarily consider her part of "the harem".
  • GinEvaMokou
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    Vor 2 Jahren
    Kurumi Tokisaki, of course~ ^^
  • CandyCaneMoe
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    Vor 6 Monaten
    Kotori. I really like her cynical leader tsundere act and her hints of sadism.
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