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  • yakumo
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    Show us your beautiful family here
  • paTKany
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    Yukari is my only dollfie dream and she always sits right beside me, when I'm home.
  • moriko
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    Okay~ =ω=

    It's not one of my favorite photos, but it has all of our dollfies in it.


    My personal favorite is Nia, of course~

    We also have a custom-made male made from both Volks and Obitsu parts, which Churuya had been working on for months. We first got the parts for him in January and she just finished him now, and she's very proud of it. Idk if he would be allowed in these discussions though.
  • yakumo
    yakumoYou said Nendo?Ghost • lv28
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    Nice nice

    @RK: every family member is welcome
    I myself have a SD boy at home

    lovely girls both
    Specially like Saber Alter, Want to have her also but is so difficult to get her T_T
  • St_Jimmy
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    The best group shot I have at the moment (please excuse volks yo-sd Hina Ichigo). I also have a head in the process of getting customized and I am probably buying another within the next week or so ^^;
  • yakumo
    yakumoYou said Nendo?Ghost • lv28
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    Its oke to post pictures with other than Dollfie Dream
    normal dollfie also are allowed in this club

    My family (don't mind crappy lighting)
  • Ilvias
    Ilviasadorable little dollRegular Boarder • lv18
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    Vor 9 Jahren
    This is my only child for now! I'm planning to get many others MDD (all of them except for Mirai, Candy and Louise)!
    May PVC and love be always with you! (alpacas will make you happy too... Believe me!)
  • chobittsu
    chobittsuRegular Boarder • lv25
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    This is my first Dollfie:
    Airy from Shining Hearts

    and without her hood (I just love her long blond hair...)
  • MisterAmishrolf
    MisterAmishrolfRegular Boarder • lv9
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    Vor 8 Jahren
    my Kanu about one month ago - my Kanu one day ago :U

  • uriko
    urikoRegular Boarder • lv13
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    Vor 8 Jahren
    This is my DD family!
    Its so big! :p So, Im going to put only this photo, If you want to see more, please, visit my flickr page!

    Momo, Airi and Airy are traveling to have a new face-up ;)
  • Coffee
    CoffeeVery Important Boarder • lv33
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    Vor 8 Jahren
    My only girl, Millhi.
    I hope to be able to change her appearance somewhat at a later date. : )
    Art by ヒガシ
  • ChrisFhey
    ChrisFheyRegular Boarder • lv13
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    Vor 7 Jahren
    I've only one girl living at my place at the moment. Although, that's bound to change at some point. :3
    So yeah, here she is.

  • Zaffira
    ZaffiraRegular Boarder • lv18
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    I have 4 girls :)

    Yoko par Ekidonia, sur Flickr

    Asuka par Ekidonia, sur Flickr

    Chizuku par Ekidonia, sur Flickr

    Misaki par Ekidonia, sur Flickr

    (Ekidonia is my second pseudo so don't worry ^^')
  • takarayama
    takarayamaEnjoyer of Life.™Very Important Boarder • lv22
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    Vor 7 Jahren
    I've got Miki Hoshii:

    IMG_3954 by ヤマP, on Flickr

    Then there's also two SDGr girls, Creamy Mami and Yuu Morisawa, which unfortunately are still confined in their boxes. :'(
    Hi! My name is yama. I am niced to meet you.™
  • Chrono_Reviews
    Chrono_ReviewsRegular Boarder • lv13
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    I got one, and two more on the go. my current is DDS Silica (Sword Art Online) and her clothes are still WIP. and i'll soon have MDD Shana, and after that i'm working on DD Wilhelmina Carmel (from shakugan no shana)

  • PriestessYukiko
    PriestessYukikoaka, Miss YasogamiRegular Boarder • lv16
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    Vor 7 Jahren

    My Yoko and Miyuki (Yukino 2nd version). I love them so much! <3
  • takarayama
    takarayamaEnjoyer of Life.™Very Important Boarder • lv22
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    It is about time to make another post here now that I have Rise, Miki and Melty.


    I'll take a better group shot later some time. ^^:
    Hi! My name is yama. I am niced to meet you.™
  • hipozaurus
    hipozaurusis trying her best!Very Important Boarder • lv26
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    Vor 6 Jahren
    hi! I've just received my first girl - Kisaragi Chihaya (●´∀`●)

  • Nuramoon
    NuramoonRegular Boarder • lv16
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    I got no complet photo off all my dolls atm. But I will begin with her, desu.

  • kehm
    kehmRegular Boarder • lv9
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    There are some really cute dolls here, guys! Such lovable families! *^*

    I used to have many DDs 've only a DD KosMos left in my DD family. (Well, I'm planning on getting the DDS Alice Kuonji back into my family AND the DD Ruri if Volks finally release her!)

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