Rin Tohsaka Fan ClubWhich do you think is Rin's best figure?

  • Yoruno
    YorunoRegular Boarder • lv34
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    Vor 9 Jahren
    I decided to ask this question when I realised I wasn't satisfied with any of them. Gosh, is she so hard to model?
  • C221
    C221Regular Boarder • lv13
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    Vor 9 Jahren
    None, really.
    I'm not even a big fan of that new GSC figure they're putting out of her...
    Her legs look really off and way too long, like she's on stilts.

    No loss to me though, I like Sakura better anyway~
  • KCKoopa
    KCKoopa完成した模型愛好家Very Important Boarder • lv19
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    Personally, I would go with Alter's Swimsuit version of Rin.
    And until GSC comes out with the UBW's version of her will she top my list.

    PM me your code if interested :)

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  • GoldenSaber
    GoldenSaberRegular Boarder • lv16
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    Vor 9 Jahren
    None for me yet, will see when GSC's UBW Rin is out.
  • Man-Thing
    Man-ThingRegular Boarder • lv13
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    Vor 9 Jahren
    GSC's Rin with Berserker is the best figure of the fantastic Rin.
    I eagerly wait for the new GSC one, though, and I thing that the aletr version (with summerwear) will be spectacular.
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  • Climbatize
    ClimbatizeMFC Android app makerVery Important Boarder • lv19
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    Man-ThingGSC's Rin with Berserker is the best figure of the fantastic RinI think the same, and I also like the kaleido Ruby from GSC
  • UnlimitedCodes
    UnlimitedCodesRegular Boarder • lv17
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    The new UBW one from GSC obviously. I can't wait for her release! :)
  • -OJ-
    -OJ-Regular Boarder • lv27
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    The new GSC-UBW version of course.
    I can't wait to receive it next month.

    Now if only GSC would make a large FA nendo of her too :)
  • GalaxyBoy
    GalaxyBoyRegular Boarder • lv14
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    Vor 9 Jahren
    I'm not particularly satisfied with any of them. A lot of them have faces that are off, and if it's not that, she's either way too skinny (the new GSC one) or there's something wrong with the face.(ebcraft, the 1/6 scale from Clayz, and BOME) are way off. I think the regular one from Kotobukiya looks most like her amongst non-swimsuit figures, but overall I'd say Alter's Summer version looks the most like her.
  • Strife212
    Strife212Original BluePuella Magi • lv23
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    Have to say the UBW one.
  • Orange-Chan
    Orange-ChanRegular Boarder • lv8
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    I like the UBW 1/7 scale figure the best (for now >:3)
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