Spare Partsbuying old/broken nendoroids for mods and parts

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    Exactly as the title says. Do you have a nendoroid your dog chewed up? or a nendoroid that your sibling accidentally threw out half the pieces to? or...well, yeah.
    Anyways, I'm in need of nendoroid parts. I'll buy just parts, or I'll buy the whole nendoroid if you really just want the thing gone. I cant guarantee I'll buy every nendoroid that's offered, but I'll always take a look. I'm not concerned about the condition at all, because I'll literally be cutting pieces off, re-sculpting parts, painting over them, etc. I honestly might even prefer the broken nendoroids more, since that leaves more to be changed and less to be lost.
    I'm especially searching for any nendoroid props, bodies with simple clothing (uniforms, everyday wear, pajamas, etc.), stands/bases, and different hair parts. But I'll seriously consider everything.
    I guess I can also look at bootleg nendoroids and parts since I'm altering almost everything about it anyways. But I prefer mostly genuine nendoroid parts if possible.
    Thanks for reading!
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    I don't know if you've already checked it out or nonot but there's the nendo split club on mfc where people split whole nendo up (usually it's a slot thing with pre-order nendos) But a lot of people have selling threads in the club too, with lots of extra parts on hand you could pick up.
    Regular classes keeping me busy. Will check every 2-3 days, if not daily! Exciting side job: enamel pin maker <3

    Hunting: LIST #105903 <3
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    Are you still doing this? I have the pieces of ITEM #396862
    (All but the body, hands and arms)
    And this Miku faceplate
    Take a peek at our figure collection discord server!
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