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Mikaino Going to Gencon!
4★ - Terrible shipping prices. :/
I was hunting everywhere for ITEM #143436, and finally found it on Aikoudo. The price wasn't bad so I ordered it, and although things took a few days longer than expected, I got all my emails without fuss or worry. They only let me pay for EMS shipping, which was NOT needed on a freaking scarf, and it got here fast. Packaging was so-so.. Definitely not as secure as AmiAmi does. I doubt I'd order from them again, unless they had something really worthwhile!
Vor 10 Jahren
4★ - Crawling back up?
Today I got the notice and confirmation that my Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Master Stars Piece has been shipped out to me...
It was planned to be available in November so I am surprised, but seeing the problems other people have had lately I didn't expect a shipping notification until December/January or so...
But here it got in my mailbox, and it is really on it's way here...
I hope Aikoudo is back on track, I love the way they pack things so securely ^w^
Vor 11 Jahren
Kyoya memento mori.
4★ - Good shop~
Is a great shop, and sometimes they have some items that you can't found in other webs, and the prices on them are well, but... the shipping rates are so expensive and if you choise SAL is expensive too. And i dont like so much that you have to pay inmediately if is a preorder. Just that. But they are so pretty fast in shipped your item, the mostly of th times they shipped on the same day you made the order :)
Vor 11 Jahren
4★ - Good shop ****
They are a great shop and offer a variety of figures. Prices are also nice. They ship fast and package everything well. However just a quick note: As I ordered with them I did not get a "your order has been shipped" mail even though I chose tracking. I did email them approx. 5 days after sending the payment and it turned out they alreay shipped my item. ^^ So don't worry, they ship fast but are kinda lazy with emails. Nonetheless, I'd absolutely recommend them.
Vor 11 Jahren
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