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5★ - Pre ordered and delivered!
I ordered ITEM #945877 last year, got the nendo today exactly on the time that they told me the item was going to ship. I am however in the same country as Otaku Square, so maybe that has something to do with it - but I haven't had any issues whatsoever with them.
A year ago I ordered in stock items and those also shipped just fine.
The item prices and the shipping for me, being in the same country, are very good.
Another shop that my sister ordered the same nendoroid from is actually slower in delivering it - I have a few pre orders open with them still and I will continue to do so :)

They might be a bit expensive if you compare it to Japanese pricing but with the tax and import duties etc that will come on top of that this shop is a very good option for me.
Vor 2 Jahren
5★ - reliable seller
my Rias figure came in perfect condition. Although the outer box was a bit beat up by transport, the tight airbag inside prevented any damage to the item. The price was decent and the shipping is not bad for international shipping.
Vor 3 Jahren
5★ - My first shopping experience at Otaku Square
It was my first time buying from Otaku Square and the item I bought was ITEM #605215. The figure was quite pricey, but with free shipping on orders over 300€ and no customs within EU, it was a lot cheaper to get from them than sellers outside of EU.

Unfortunately, the figure I got had some quality issues, dark stripes and spots around her right breast. I was able to remove all of them except for one which remains barely visible. Otaku Square's customer service offered me a partial refund as I decided to keep the figure.

My shopping experience was pleasant overall. The shipping was relatively fast for not being an express shipment, and the product was very carefully packed. Definitely would recommend as an alternative for EU collectors, especially if you live in a country with high customs duty rates (i.e. Finland).
Vor 3 Jahren
Kuroinucollector Kuroinu fanatic
5★ - Best anime shop I've used so far
I have never ordered from here before until somewhere around October 2019 and pre ordered the erika kuramoto 1/4th figure off of them and I have to say came in perfect condition, there customer support is really quick and responsive and overall there professionalism is 10/10 would buy from again
Vor 3 Jahren
5★ - Excellent shopping experience
Very good online shop. Friendly customer service. Questions where answered very fast.
Shipping was quite fast to considering the current pandemic.

Can really recommend this shop everyone
Vor 3 Jahren
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