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  • Fast but prone to customs!

    I've wanted to order something there for a few months, and finally went for /item/144335.
    Items are authentic (even tho a little more expensive than on other websites) and in mint condition, the packaging nicely done with bubble protection (I even got some freebies). However shipping options are REALLY restricted as you can only choose EMS and even if it's really fast, I must admit that paying 40$ of customs kinda... made me not want to order there again. The system of coupons is nice as I saved 10$ (+you get free shipping if you order something in the next 3h, as it will be shipped together)
    Vor 8 Jahren
  • Always Great For Me

    I have probably made around 20 purchases with TOM, and each time has been a pleasant experience. Prices are in USD, and there's free EMS shipping on orders over $200 or on newly acquired pre-orders. I don't believe there are any other shipping options, but I have never had a problem with customs. Boxes are fairly sturdy and products wrapped well in bubblewrap. They even give pretty plastic folders to hold your receipt and a small extra with each order (pins and plastic fans are most common). Their customer service is good and helpful - and their English seemed native. Would recommend.
    Vor 8 Jahren
  • Wonderful but only under certain circumstances.

    If you're strictly an EMS shipper, Otaku Mode will fit you nicely as they ONLY ship EMS method.

    This can make small orders pricey very quickly however, but if they have a free shipping event on, (which they usually do for new items and during sales), then things can actually get cheaper than on big name sites like amiami.

    I order from Otaku Mode occasionally, but really, only if there's a free shipping event on. Otherwise their strict EMS policy tacks on another 20-30 dollars to your order.
    Vor 8 Jahren
  • My experience with TOM

    I have just started using Tokyo Otaku Mode recently have been happy with the selection of unique item for my collection and competitive pricing, plus fast shipping and it's free shipping over $100.00 and/or specials
    I would recommend this shop!!
    Vor 8 Jahren
  • Great experience every time

    I've shopped from them for a while and all my experiences have been great. I normally only purchase free shipping items (mostly Nendoroids) as they have it for free shipping for the first week of preorder or during free shipping events. I find its a great deal since its fast shipping and cost-less.
    Overall, great experience with them!
    Vor 8 Jahren
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