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  • 5★ - Asuka Flare/ Limited Ed
    I'm so happy with my purchase! All I can say is the customer service is superb. The shop manager answered all of my inquiries and even arranged for my item to be shipped to my hotel address because I'm only staying in Japan for a week. Thank you Jfigure!
    Vor 9 Tagen
  • 5★ - Ryougi Shiki 1/7 Aniplex
    Amazing shop with figures that are more on the rare side. I've been looking for the Ryougi Shiki 1/7 from Aniplex at a reasonable price for a while now and was amazed to find it here. The figure arrived in great condition as advertised and I couldn't be happier with the purchase.

    The purchase process was smooth and from order to arrival was about 10 days using DHL. The only thing I would bring up that would be relatively negative is that I feel like they can use more packaging since my figure was only surrounded by a bit of newspaper (although it did arrive in great condition).

    The shop itself contains some figures that have flown under my radar and at very reasonable prices I highly recommend checking them out.
    Vor 1 Monat
  • 5★ - Highly recommended!
    Saw their ad on this site for ITEM #1235300 as "pre-owned A/A" and decided to check them out.
    And man, very happy I did! The figure is basically brand-new, shipping with EMS was quick and easy, and I just overall had a great experience here.

    10/10 - Thank you!
    Vor 2 Monaten
  • 5★ - Brand new figure, very satisfied
    I just received my figure and I couldn't be more satisfied. Perfect condition, good price, arrived a lot sooner than expected and the customer service was fantastic! I don't know what their used figures are like, but the brand new figure I received was at least perfect and I will definetely buy more of those from JFigure in the future.
    Vor 5 Monaten
  • 5★ - First time buyer experience!
    I bought my first figure from JFigure and I honestly couldn’t be happier. It took a week for my order to be dispatched and it arrived just under 2 weeks later with EMS.

    The item was packaged securely and the figure itself was described as A/A preowned condition but was in pristine condition, the blister hadn’t even been opened! I’m so happy with my order and the customer service was excellent. I did have some difficulty communicating with them through email which I believe may be an email/server issue but when I sent them a DM on MFC they replied quickly and were friendly and helpful.

    Very impressed and look forward to ordering again with them!!
    Vor 8 Monaten
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