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  • A good first-time buy

    Despite all the feedback I've read here, I recently decided to give these guys a try. They have some items that are quite hard to find, and usually at a decent price too.

    I was expecting it to take months to ship, but it took less than a week since purchasing! All items were legitimate and I had no problems whatsoever for my first order.

    The website could use a bit of work (I had some difficulty trying to update my address), but that's about all I can think of for improvements.

    Give them a shot if they've got a hard-to-find item you want.
    Vor 2 Jahren
  • Non-existent customer service

    I ordered an entire Queen's Blade Puchitto set to get Airi in her maid uniform, but the set came with every figure except her! Complaints went unasnwered, so I just initiated a PayPal dispute.

    Probably should have asked for all my money back AND kept the figures, but just asked for a refund equivalent to 1/6 of what I paid (equal to the missing figure).

    Not recommended unless you see a hard-to-find figure at a good price, and even then, make sure to use PayPal so you can get your money back if you need to.
    Vor 3 Jahren
  • You might never get your order

    I've made two orders from them. First time took almost a month to get here, but was legit and brand new, as described. Second time they took over a month to mail out my stuff, so I emailed them. No response so I filed a pp claim and they refunded my money. Very disappointing.
    Vor 3 Jahren
  • Nonexistent customer service

    They messed up my order and sent me the wrong item, when I contacted them about it there was no answer at all. Don't expect any kind of customer service from them. I only bought from them when I first got into this hobby and was stupid enough back then. Never again.
    Vor 3 Jahren
  • Never arrived

    It was the first and the last order I have ever made in this shop. I made an order on the 23/03/2014 with default free shipping. Problems began even in the cart, where was not the price from the list. I received a confirmation on my order "complete".
    And nothing. I sent them dozen mails to know if they shipped my items or not. They never responded. I waited for month. Still nothing. They never answered even on my PayPal claim. Only when PayPal called my payment back they noted it as "canceled" without any other comments or apologises.
    Vor 3 Jahren
  • 11 Bewertungen
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