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  • Okay, with room for improvement

    - good for in-stock items
    - friendly support
    - good packaging
    - fast shipping most of the time
    - easy cancellation of pre-orders
    - can often be found at local conventions and you can be sure to get legit items

    - very slow to receive stock (even compared to other German shops)
    - also more expensive than other German shops, most of the time even importing yourself is cheaper
    - no update whatsoever about additional delays (the longest I had to wait was 4 additional months since the expected arrival date, without email notifications or changes on the item page, which is extremely unprofessional)
    - increase in prices for popular items or sometimes even for no apparent reason (no other German shop does this...)
    - sales are a joke, since the prices are still higher than elsewhere

    I usually try to place my (pre)orders elsewhere, but for a last resort the shop is kind of okay.
    Vor 7 Tagen
  • Happy with purchase

    I live outside Europe but ended up buying something from this store as it was an item that had gone out of stock or else gotten really expensive in Japan. Since I didn't have to pay the VAT, the price was quite good, and the item was well protected with lots of packing paper. International shipping was very reasonable too.
    Vor 8 Monaten
  • Bad customer service & too expensive

    The customer service of this shop is absolutely miserable. An item, that I bought there, got lost during shipping. The reason was a van of the delivery service, that was picked up from the shop and misled. The shop didn't notify the affected customers, although they knew what happened. Instead I had to message them twice to get a proper reply and I had to wait two weeks for the item to arrive, not knowing what's going on for 10 days.
    Also most items are grossly overpriced compared to other German shops.
    Vor 1 Jahr
  • Awesome selection but the custormer service is beyond bad

    Their customer-service is beyond bad. I've sent multiple questions on their fb-page regarding figures, but they never answer-looking at their FB-page makes it seems like they answer random. This is not acceptable and makes me, as a customer go and find some other stores, even willing to pay more. I never had any "real" issues and I hope I never will, because I guess they will just ignore the mail, like their ignore their comments on their fb-page.

    Facit: everything is well as long as you dont try to talk to them. Maybe you will get an answer, but most likely you will not.
    Vor 1 Jahr
    Dear Aimaileafy, thank you for your feedback. Facebook is not our main Support-channel, especially answering comments on Facebook is difficult as we cannot track each interaction as easy as with e-mail. Please use kontakt@figuya.de for any questions. Thank you. Kind regards, your figuya team.
  • good shop for exclusive items when you live in Europe

    When you live in Germany or Europe it's a really good adress for exclusive figures. In the first moment the prices seems a bit high, but if you add shipping rates and the customs fees at your price for example exclusive megahouse figures, it's the same and you have a faster and safer shipping than from the US stores (which mostly offer those items).

    The shipping was really fast and packed very well. They have a reservation option, you don't have to pay in advance and you could also overthink your purchase.

    The customer service is also really good.

    I really like that shop and can highl
    Vor 1 Jahr
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