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  • First time customer

    I heard some good and bad things about them but gave them a go 2 weeks ago. I did not need to contact customer service because they e-mailed me whatever I needed to know such as when the item arrived and when they placed an order. I only used them to get a product from amazon.jp but they packed it amazingly well so that none of it would be damaged. I do not think this will be the last time I use them. It would be nice if they had a better looking website in the future though.
    Vor 1 Jahr
  • Great Service

    I've used them for quite a while now and they've fulfilled every request without any issues and decent rates. They're also super quick. I put in an order with them for something that was not up for order yet. They said they would fulfill it for me. The item sold out within minutes, but they were still able to secure me a copy. Super reliable.
    Vor 2 Jahren
  • Excellent Service & Awesome Packing

    I've used Goody-Japan for a number of years now, for Yahoo Auctions Japan and for buying items from shops in Japan (that don't accept foreign credit cards). They do an awesome job at packaging your items safely (with bubble-wrap and air cushions/newspaper).

    -Friendly, professional proxy.
    -Good rates.
    -Paypal deposits are credited instantly.
    -You can see the status of your purchases/won auctions.
    -Safe packaging, lots of shipping options.

    -Bids are manually made by them (after you submit the form), so last minute bids may not be possible.
    Vor 2 Jahren
  • Awesome

    I have used them for proxy bidding & shopping for years.
    Fast shipping. Good packing.
    Reasonable fees. Answer email promptly.
    No complaints.
    Vor 2 Jahren
  • Awesome proxy

    This is my first time using a proxy and they were awesome. Their website's a little difficult to navigate but, great once you get the handle of it. Shipping from Japan to US only took 9 days, internal shipping within Japan took 2 weeks. I would definitely recommend to others :)
    Vor 2 Jahren
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