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  • Piece of CRAP

    Tried winning concert tickets through Celga and it was a MESS.
    The guy didn't know how to apply so they emailed me saying tickets were sold out (BLATANT LIE). I checked the website myself and turned out they had missed the SCROLL BAR lmao, so I made an idiot proof guide with screenshots for them; they msgd me back "we have applied for the tickets". Not a word of apology.
    When lottery results came in I had to ask for them myself, and shockingly enough they said I hadn't won anything. To this day I don't know if it's true or they just managed to mess up my application. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE
    Vor 2 Jahren
  • Positive! Long time customer

    I've been a long time user of Celga, ever since they were a small business. I've never had problems with them and any questions I have get answered within 24 hours. From my experience most bad reviews are of the buyers' fault / mistake. Celga has helped me with extended payments, invoices, questions, you name it and always come through for me. Items are packed well and shipped quick. Rates are comparable with other services/sites.
    Vor 3 Jahren
  • Absolutely terrible service. Stay away from them...

    I used Celga to bid on Yahoo Japan. They took forever to answer my messages and to bid on the item for me (they took so long to do it, the auction ended before I even got a reply).
    The service is unnecessary bureaucratic and slow, they charge you for absolutely everything and overprice the shipping quotes and lie about their shipping options (which they told be in an email was EMS, registered and unregistered SAL and SAL Parcel) but in the end they force you to go with either EMS or unregistered SAL and their packaging is also awful, barely any protection.
    My worst experience with a proxy.
    Vor 3 Jahren
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