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3★ - Passable
When my items actually arrived they were in perfect condition but they took over 2 weeks to be dispatched (been waiting 3 weeks for them to ship an order I haven open right now) and couldn't contact them at all. I've sent a few emails to their customer service and messaged them on their social media and haven't heard anything back. I understand things are hard now but even an average time to get orders sent on their website would go a long way. Reasonable prices on items and shipping and some stuff other sites don't stock but honestly not worth the hassel.
Vor 2 Jahren
5★ - Totally recommend!
I purchased my Kotobukiya Nagito and my Nendoroid Envy from Rawckz!

It's hard to find top-notch UK-based sellers but Rawckz is definitely up there. They have a pretty good range, all the products are legit, and their stuff isn't overpriced (no customs charges either!). These guys always make sure that orders are packaged securely and they don't cut corners with the bubblewrap lol

Their customer service is some of the best I've ever experienced - the person in charge genuinely cares about this hobby!
Vor 3 Jahren
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