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  • Very useful

    I find it very useful for unique items and limited, as I can pay up to the release date through the payment by credit card except for other stores asking for deposits in advance for pre-order of figures.
    Although their fees are a little expensive.
    Vor 1 Jahr
  • Word of warning for anything Premium Bandai!!!

    Their proxy service used to be good until...CD Japan's proxy service no longer accepts requests for any product from the Premium Bandai website. I accidentally requested a S.H. Figuart limited edition without checking the notice on their website. They are still a fairly good site for regular things (despite their overpriced EMS shipping with books) but their proxy item choices has become limited since the notice.
    Vor 2 Jahren
  • Rosett Henry's waifu
    Nice proxy~

    I used this service to get a drama CD that they didn't have listed on their site. I sent in the request form and quickly got the product I wanted listed so I could order it. After that I only had to wait a day or two to have it shipped to me. They only ship through EMS with this service. I'm very satisfied and will use this service more in the future.
    Vor 4 Jahren
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