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  • Free_Phi Meta-Sentient Cyber-Imp
    My Primary Source of PVC Since 2012

    I discovered HS in 2012, and have been a loyalist ever since. Over the years, it has become better and better. One advantage that none of the feedback has mentioned yet is the PreApproved PayPal payment option. Rather than the anxiety-inducing waltz of AmiAmi's payment-request system, HS's preapproved PayPal just processes the whole thing for you with no effort or intervention on the buyer's part. I hate that nagging chance that I'll be inattentive and lose a pre-order (and be penalized) after upwards of a year of waiting. Customer service is good, but frankly the service is so smooth I've only had to correspond with their staff only once that I can remember!
    Their website is by far the best, clearly displaying scaled PVCs by newest-first, filterable by Preorders, new and restock, without having to sift through all the noise of general merch & goods. Also, their newsletters (email notices) are great, and display the offered figures by adorable face-only thumbnails (much like MFC, incidentally, but with higher-quality imaging and more artful cropping).
    It's true they don't get exclusives, and that's the only time I use AmiAmi or proxies. Their prices are typically marginally higher than AmiAmi, but the difference is far outweighed by ease of website use and hassle-free processing. And occasionally the prices are slightly lower.
    Overall, they're easily the best vendor for preorders and current-run figures.
    Vor 1 Monat
  • Crappy packaging...

    Just 2 thin pieces of paper wrapped around two Nendo boxes that barely provide any padding... couldn't even spare some bubble wrap or even a few more pieces of paper to pad the box!?

    My package arrived with quite a deep dent/crushed on the sides, at first I wasn't too worried cause from my experience ordering from other places like Amiami or TOM, the figures are usually padded enough and I thought it'd be the same here... boy was I wrong...

    Fortunately only the Nendo box at the top suffered a few dents probably taking the brunt of the damage...

    I've previously ordered smaller items from them and packaging wasn't too big of a deal cause of the size, this was my first & probably last figures I order from them. I mean if this is how they package small sized figures like Nendos, I can't imagine what it's like for scales...

    Their prices are kinda reasonable and they are usually quick to answer combine shipment requests for different orders, but other places are equally competitive with MUCH BETTER packaging.

    Furthermore its in their shops policy that shipping damage is not their responsibility and insist the customer to claim compensation from the shipper (which btw they chose!) is plain absurd with how crappy their packaging is in the first place!

    TLDR; Don't order from here unless it's small items or you can't find what you're looking for from other sources and you don't mind risking your items to damages due to poor packaging.
    Vor 3 Monaten
  • Been using since the dawn of my figure collecting hobby...

    Never had an issue since 2008! There’s been small mishaps like buying things that weren’t in stock but was catered for in terms of refunds etc.

    I even was listened to when I bought a figure and reminded them that I’ll pay 5 days later. A lot of cancelled orders from me but I’m still a loyal customer!

    * Ability to pay 7 days later at most
    * Easy to use interface and updates are very easy to find and follow
    * nice community features
    * great general service

    * A little more expensive than competitors
    * overstock is common for already released orders
    * no exclusives
    Vor 4 Monaten
  • Hobby Search just doesn't stand behind their products...

    They sent some carelessly-packed items in my orders, where the figures were so closely packed that they damaged each other during shipment. So I contacted HS, only to get a link to their store policies. It turns out that they don't guarantee the condition of the figure boxes, just the figures themselves. And if the shipper damages an item, you have to contact the shipper to get compensation. Once, I received a packages that was literally crushed. They again pointed me to their store policies and told me to contact the shipper. Beware this seller - if something goes wrong, you're screwed.
    Vor 7 Monaten
  • Hobby Search!

    I really just need to come and brag on Hobby Search's amazing customer service. I just had to request a payment extension for pretty far out (about a week and a half, till I get paid again.) and they granted it no questions asked! I feel great talking to them. They have a large stock of older figures and doll clothes which I stalk frequently. I switched to them a few months back and I will never go somewhere else. Their shipping prices cannot be beat!
    Vor 2 Jahren
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