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Just an everyday salary man

enjoy collecting :)



yokhaVor 4 Jahren#6661685No prob, it really nice to have another friend from indonesia, have a nice day as well, enakan ngobrol pake b. Indo sih hha ah, saya sih lebih sering pake b.inggris tapi ya ga apa" pake b.indo juga haha. Disini banyak ga sih orang indo?
Vor 4 Jahren
Hey hey thanks for accepting my friend request! Hope you have a nice day!
Vor 4 Jahren
yokhaVor 4 Jahren#4603920cobra ayaka YJA
page8.auctions.... start from 12000yen
page7.auctions.... bin for 14800yen

thanks for the tip! now the budget problem @.@
Vor 4 Jahren
yokhaVor 5 Jahren#2831690Finally I gave up and bought alna, my wallet kinda hurts but im happy hha

Hahahaha, nice! Sooner or later one becomes weak if it is a very much wanted doll >___> XD

I have experienced that much to often :D

Wallets defenitely do not like dolls at all...
Vor 5 Jahren
yokhaVor 5 Jahren#2754524I think im gonna get sebastian instead chiel, im already asked dolk on their facebook page, and they said they gonna make sebastian but with no fixed date yet, so will wait for him to show up, I hope I like the sculpt

Ahhh, I see. Some people already speculate if Sebastien will get a new head sculpt or if they will just use their discontinued innoffical Sebastien sculpt "Osiris".
Vor 5 Jahren
yokhaVor 5 Jahren#2735729kinda wish they open lay away option just for 2 months maybe, so I dont have to start to lived with just a ramen cup for a month if im getting him hha

It think they offer a short layaway but you still have to pay half the price upfront and the rest later in on go. Not the best options >___<

I MIGHT be able to pay for him but there are still some other limited dolls I might want so yeah. Bad releasing date.

Oh my living of ramen up for one month? Sounds hard XD
Well I did the same with cheap Rice dishes once...
Vor 5 Jahren
yokhaVor 5 Jahren#2735414Im really sad right now, why he really expensive dolkus.com/deta... sigh the design and everything was spot on but sighhhh

Waaahhh, I know... He looks so awesome >___>

Also thought about buying him. But yeah that price is killer!
Vor 5 Jahren
DeadlyAnimeVor 5 Jahren#2710056View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD

hha thank you so much
Vor 5 Jahren
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
Vor 5 Jahren
Happy birthday!
Vor 5 Jahren
Buy Anime figurines and japanese popculture collectibles at figuya.com

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just an everyday salary man
a lots!
manga, some doujinshi, light novel.
shin megami tensei universe, mostly RPG
MOE Punkt(e)
pretty, long hair, big wings, big weapons, long and slim legs ;)
everything that has a nice beats