Exclusive anime goods from Japan!
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epic 2000s style chibi girlz441



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HI!!! Thank u so so so much! Rn I’m hunting for higurashi game sprite figs n mayura stuff. Also nurse angel dejiko! Thanks for asking :) I like your page 2!!!! ^_^
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No need to be sorry, I'm happy to help! I'll go under the "Toys" category and if I'm looking for a specific kit or figure I'll copy and paste what I'm looking for in Japanese. That usually gets the most results. If you go to a certain character's or circle's page on this website, it'll usually have the name in Japanese for you to copy!
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Hi! I found it on Mandarake. You might have to keep checking the site for a while, but that's where I get all my garage kits!
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omg sorry i just saw this! i just copied the url's from a tumblr pixel blog and added them in using the img code... maybe it only works in the about/extra sections...?
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Found it on eBay!
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my parcels finally arrived from like 2 months of waiting which im real happy abt ^___^ i hope 2 put up a new melon-chan entry on mfc soon bc i found a kyoot lil keychain of her :3

otherwise nothin much has happened unfortuntly ;-; still on da hunt 4 mayura n otha grails.... either hella expensive or impossible 2 find U____U

how r u!! :3
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thank you! :D <33
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Hi! Yes I just sent you a pm :)
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omfg i am sooooo sorry for taking a whole month to respond to ur FR!! im so embarrassed i just have not been on mfc at all lately LOL but anywayz hiiiiiiii i see we have the same taste in figs<3 the karin chan gk on ur wishlist..... that has to be the absolute cutest fig ive ever seen oh my god cant believe ive never seen it before ur so smart they need to make more anthro figs ASAP . furry supremacy babey xoxo
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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

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