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I wish you a happy new year :)

Vor 8 Jahren
I wish you Merry Christmas and nice holidays :)

Vor 8 Jahren
willv28Vor 8 Jahren#999566Hello! Good to meet you! Thank you. I hope to have a decent collection soon. :D=D!
Vor 8 Jahren
willv28Vor 8 Jahren#999653F/Z is on Crunchyroll, but it's the others I'm worried about. :(The whole series is ? nice. Yeah well there's the case of Fate/Stay night. You can buy the UBW movie released by Sentai though... but to watch it, you kinda need to know about F/SN first.
Vor 8 Jahren
willv28Vor 8 Jahren#999558I liked it a lot, so I got it, I haven't even seen the series yet. Hope to see it before Oct.
Good luck with that endeavor my friend, you'll need it... (if you want to watch it legally that is)
Vor 8 Jahren
Welcome to the board!
Vor 8 Jahren
Welcome to the board! :D

Enjoy your stay.
Vor 8 Jahren
hello welcome to the board! upload your collection! where are you from???
Vor 8 Jahren
Glad to see you ordered Saber figma after all ^^
Vor 8 Jahren
PVC anime figure store.

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