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"There are two ways to escape. Escape without purpose, and escape with purpose. The former is called floating and the latter, flight. You're the one who decides which one your overlooking view was. But it's a mistake to choose your path based on the sins you carry. We don't choose our path depending on the sins we carry, but instead must carry our sins on the path we choose."
-Aozaki Touko, Kara no Kyoukai - Overlooking View

I'm changing my approach to collecting so my collection is essentially free game. If you see something in my collection that you'd like to buy even if it isn't in my shop, please message me about it.
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Hello! I'm interested in buying SALE #103128 , but your inbox is full. Please message me if you're still selling, and thank you for your time.
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Hello! I'm interested to buy
SALE #107562
please message me. Can't message you because your inbox is full. Would like to negotiate.
my zip code is 1218. Thanks
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Hello, your inbox is full. I would like to buy SALE #109453
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I can't believe autumn is already here...
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hi dude! how was your summer?
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I'm interested in your Anastasia figure, but you're inbox is full. Add me or send me a message please.
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I'm interested in your Nendoroid figure "Einhart Stratos"
How much would it be for the shipping to Hungary? Postal Code 2030
Thank you
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Hihi, your inbox is full, Im interested in on of your figure in collection
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