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Thank you! Nice to see you again!
Vor 2 Jahren
stmhwkxxxVor 5 Jahren#2935744happy birthday bro, have a nice day with ur friends and family, hope someone of them give u a gorgeus figure...or at least money for some interesting "ítems" of your collection. :D

Thank you so much!!
Vor 5 Jahren
You have an awsome collection :D + Nice profile image hahaha
Vor 5 Jahren
You have a nice collection. Nice focus on the huge oppai!!
Vor 5 Jahren
stmhwkxxxVor 6 Jahren#2366061too bad, :c I´m in trouble with my Rias Gremory of APLUS and the dye transfer, there has not been any answer of my mails, the only solution that my supplier gaves me it´s exchanging the figure by the Aplus first version. seems like I must agree.
That's why I lost the very small interested which I had in her when I read about that issue. Didn't want to risk to have the same problem, so I skipped her and wait some more ages for one decent Rias figure. >_>
Vor 6 Jahren
stmhwkxxxVor 6 Jahren#2366045well, what about the Yuzuki from bakunyu maid kari? :) It is worth?
Can't complain about the addition of some more curves into my small collection. Not one of my favorites from Mogudan, but nothing is bad about her. ^^
German shop still can't deliver me Tomo because she's in customs for like a month now. -.-
Vor 6 Jahren
stmhwkxxxVor 6 Jahren#2334762of course! You're right, fencer feane it's a wonderful piece, like me much. But its very unusuall find her in a decent price, because she was release at 2008 or some like that, its very difficult that the manufacturer re-release the figure even with a 2 nd paint or something. :/ truly sad. Luckly, have my, of the prívate collection of one of my local supplier, one time ago.
I'll still try to get Feane when I should be lucky. Mandarake have her sometimes, but 12k yen is a bit too much for my tastes. It's for sure possible to get her cheaper. ^^
Vor 6 Jahren
stmhwkxxxVor 6 Jahren#2334747Yes, the sakura figure dont le much. Maybe thats the rea of my latey purchase. Tried to ignore her. But I want to set my figures withi tartist's cover, so finally decide to get her even so the head is really small according ther body
Yeah, the head size is a bit awkward, and her face isn't that much to my liking, but else, she looks pretty fine. Just hope that Mogudan figures will get more attention for the future. Never can have enough of good figures~
Vor 6 Jahren
stmhwkxxxVor 6 Jahren#2334680Also, that 's a possibility, However takes the Job of making this mogudan figures, i'm Really sure that Will do a great Job. I can't wait to put my hands on that figures, Really love them!
Same here. Just a few aren't appealing to me, like the two figures from Sakura. Looking for Feane for a long time, but couldn't find her yet to a reasonable price, sadly. The hunt will still continue. ^^
I'd really wish to see a decent Mogudan figure of Saber, like I have her on my poster. My second favorite Mogudan lady~
Vor 6 Jahren
stmhwkxxxVor 6 Jahren#2334645I see, usually i do the same, but a local supplier tell me that he can get for me a painted Gk Melphy, so I can't said no. Then, when Orchid Seed release the PVC version Also I Will get her. The Gk ver. Arrives at the end of this year.
From what I've read, Mouse usually release the PVC version of their figures after some time, so it should happen at some point, most likely next year.
The succubus is my favorite from Mogudan (even when I hate stockings), so she's my #1 most desired figure.
Vor 6 Jahren
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