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Hello, i'm satsuyurami. Please call me Satsuki or satsu.

Currently into :

Hypnosis Mic

Stand My Heroes



Thanks for offering me one! :)
Vor 2 Jahren
Of course! I use Flickr! :>
Vor 2 Jahren
satsuyuramiVor 2 Jahren#31771935Hello, May I know what Image Uploader you use to upload your image on your MFC article?

Sure! I use postimg :D imgbb is a good alternative too but I find the images come out in slightly lower quality on there.
Vor 2 Jahren
Ahh, yeah. Well, the posts are hidden, not deleted. I also transferred a lot of my collection to private lists, which is why the numbers on the pages are so small now. I have my reasons for changing things drastically in the past year that I don't wanna get into publicly, but would be willing to talk about in PM if you're ever curious.
Vor 2 Jahren
I'm doing well! How have you been?
Vor 2 Jahren
Happy Birthday friend ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪
Vor 3 Jahren
hey, sorry for the crazy long delayed upon accepting your FR, but thank you so much for it!
love your pictures btw
Vor 3 Jahren
satsuyuramiVor 3 Jahren#17833108Not only boring, but I actually can't stand the main characters and the main antagonist ><
Yeah, I kind of got the feeling that they were trying to cater to a younger audience and hired people simply because of their appearences.
The choreography was terrible and it seemed like the actors had no experience fighting.
The fact that more or less all the fighting scenes were CG-only was also a big letdown.
I had kinda hoped they'd finish of the Yami wo Terasumono timeline, but I guess they still got plans for it.
Vor 3 Jahren
satsuyuramiVor 3 Jahren#17832663Yes I do! My fav are Garo (except for yami wo terasu mono and zero black blood ><).
And metal heroes (jiban, jiraiya, and winspector), and sentai (liveman, megaranger, magiranger, boukenger, toqger, gobuster, and zyuohger). :3

I'm not a fan of Yami wo Terasumono either.
It was just boring.

Ah, I never managed to get into Metal Heroes, maybe I should give them a try anyway.
Vor 3 Jahren
satsuyuramiVor 3 Jahren#17826345Thanks for the info!.
Also, do you watch Garo series? (toku ver, not the anime ver).

Yes! Garo is by far my favorite toku series.
I've watched all the season + movies (orz) and I'm really looking forward to the new movie.
Do you have any favorite toku show?
Vor 3 Jahren
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