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Hello everyone!

I started collecting figures only March of 2008 (really new to this)! I really like having the figures from my favorite shows, and I really want to collect them all. (Now I started yet another hobby >_>)

This site looks awesome, that a friend told me about to keep track of my collection, which I hope to use a lot (and my collection is slowly growing)!

Anyway, that's pretty much it. Oh, Code Geass + Airgear = My favorite shows ever. Well, there are others too, but I <3 those.


jintoo Where is my mind?
psymastrHi! It says your inbox is full, so I am contacting you here. How much would it be to ship Sale #2481 (Kallen) to the USA?
Sorry for that: my PM box is full 'cause two other people told me they would be interested in Kallen Stadtfeld Alpha Omega. In the case they don't buy her, I'll tell you the rates to ship to US.
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Funny avatar you have there. Reminds me of Winston Payne from the Ace Attorney games if you ever heard of them.

Ah GTO eh? I believe I did watch the live action years back so I don't remember much from it.
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Yuuka_Kazami MMS Type Trap
Welcome to Tsuki-Board psymastr!
Good to see you enjoying your new hobby! Which figure so far is your favourite?
All of your figures so far except one are by Bandai! Are there any other manufacturers that interest you?
I hope you enjoy your stay!
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Import from Japan

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Made it myself!