Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
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Hi anime-lovers!

We are an online store specified in selling figurine based in the States! We can help you buy any figure from Japan through one of our friends in Japan!

If you are interested in buying anime figures that you can't find on Ebay and Amazon, please feel free to visit our online store site! (We are new and still working on it :P)


You are more than welcome to ask any question! :D
Either PM us or email us!


Just saying my recent experience.

Bought Coconut and Azuki from them. Both came pretty quickly (1 month). Were well protected and had no damage.

I did not reach out because tracking was provided promptly (via paypal email notice).
Vor 6 Tagen
I've tried reaching numerous times doing what OrangePekoeDesu said and nothing.

Please be wary buying from this "company" unless you wanna gamble your hard earned money and potentially lose it. I wish I had took advice from the reviews before losing $450.
Vor 8 Tagen
Bought this figure new from them and it arrived in 2 weeks. Packaging had a ton of bubble wrap and the figure box came in undamaged. My experience with them was good and they responded to my inquiries quickly in contrast to the recent feedback I've been seeing about them here. If you need to contact them, try their contact us page forms as that's how I contacted them. They got back to me within a day when I sent them a message via their contact us page form on two different occasions.
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I am STILL trying to contact them and to no avail!

I pre-ordered a figure back in December 2019 when it was announced, it was backordered until January 2021 due to COVID. I cannot dispute this on Paypal because it is past the range of dispute. I am out of $200 and a product that I fully paid for!

For the love of GOD please answer your emails and can the admins PLEASE ban them off of the website.
Vor 1 Monat
Been trying to contact them all month, haven't managed to get a single response or even acknowledgement of my attempts. Plan to open a paypal dispute if I don't hear back by the 10th.
Vor 1 Monat
Definitely not trust ((nipponstation)), I paid an advance on the figure and the status of the remaining payment says it is canceled, but I lost my initial payment, I have been sending messages for months and they do not pay me any attention, if you want security without Definitely don't ask for nipponstation.
Vor 1 Monat
I paid off the rest of the balance on my figure, and no update yet. If the lack of communication continues for more than a week or more, I'm filing a dispute lol.
Vor 1 Monat
They are impossible to get ahold of, they probably just have their inbound emails set for automatic spam. I have tried countless times to just get a tracking number on an item that released in January.
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SenpaiZ BunnyKing
I never received a tracking number from your customer service staff and not a single reply has been given to me in months regarding this issue.
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SenpaiZ BunnyKing
This company should just be banned from this website. They're obviously scammers and they don't respond to emails and whenever they do its blatant lies. Thanks for robbing me of my 500 dollars for a statue I bought from your site. AVOID THESE PEOPLE; STRAIGHT THIEVES.
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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