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Darker Than Black, Signal
Summoners War: Sky Arena, Fate/Grand Order, Otogi; Secret Spirit Agents, Kantai Collection, Touken Ranbu, Puzzle & Dragons
MOE Punkt(e)
Arrogance, White Hair, Red Eye, Purple Mecha, Ikemen, Loli
Kalafina, Keane, Loveholic


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FatalReticence JSMT~ ♥
monkry (Vor 6 Monaten) #24670552I just wanna say, thank you very much for adding those FGO fes' acrylic stands into DB ;v;)No problem! :)

Nice Gilgamesh collection by the way.
Vor 6 Monaten
1 more week for WF! let's pray for a gilgamesh scale! :D
Vor 7 Monaten
Got my gilgamesh figma amiami package today and almost fainted when i opened it! :D He's so perfect, atleast for me. The gold armor color is kinda bland, but i don't care i switched to the alternative body already anyway xD.
Vor 8 Monaten
Love your collection, you have all the good gilgamesh figures ^^. I'm trying to find the Chogokin version for a decent price. He's so expensive now :(
Vor 8 Monaten
monkry (Vor 11 Monaten) #18744486Hola, I saw your username in Last Edited by for ITEM #553313
May I ask you to correct its version? It should be Nobiemon, not Nobimon

Fixed it for you.
Vor 11 Monaten

Nice to meet you here <3

Hope we can be friends from now on
and collect even more of our favorite figures

Good luck!
Vor 1 Jahr
yes like below said your figure looks to be legit and I have seen that before as well and yea you need to turn on the comments when you make your article so people can reply! stress less :)
Vor 2 Jahren
hello, id like to mention on your article in order for people to say if its a bootleg or not youd need to turn on comments. however, id like to say if it has the holographic sticker it most definitely is not a bootleg. to further cease your worries, ill add that one of the very first pictures of him in the database has triangles that surpass the armor's peak to about the same degree, as seen here s1.tsuki-board.... so your prime concern actually just seems to be a minor defect application that happened to others as well.
Vor 2 Jahren

And a very good day to you; I take the time and try and welcome almost everyone to the site. You may have arrived just a few minutes ago or a few hours ago but still I am here to say welcome. There are a few of us that do this. it is what makes this site interesting and welcoming to newcomers. MFC has the best database that you can ever hope to find relating to figurines and goods. The site adds items via users that take the time to do so and it is greatly appreciated.

One of my favorite parts of the site is how people customize their profiles. It is a chance to express our love for characters we see in anime's or game or elsewhere. Some do this via their avatar, others personalize their profiles to the max by becoming a donor. Being a donor does unlock certain feature that help you with personalization of your profile like a back image and a few other perks. For me I used some Jpegs to give my profile that little extra umph. There are many ways you can customize your profile and as you get to know the site features you will be able to make this site your home.

If you are new to this hobby and you have questions about a certain figurine that you do not know then please refer your questions to this club: club/99/discuss... Many people peruse it and the answer is usually found very quickly.

Enjoy your stay in the MFC community.

= )

Vor 2 Jahren
Welcome to the board monkry! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
Vor 2 Jahren
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