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hello there!

my about section can be found in the spoiler below.
for important info, see the info spoiler.

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aboutabout˗ˏˋ☆ ́ˎ˗

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*.☆ hello! welcome to my profile ♪(´▽`)!

i've been collecting since roughly 2017. i mostly collect goods over figures. my main collection focuses are currently genshin impact and madoka magica!

the love of my life is tartaglia from genshin impact. i devote way too much money to his merchandise. besides tartaglia, i adore madoka kaname from puella magi madoka magica. i actively collect merchandise of them both.

most of my main collections can be found in my lists. the thumbnails of my other goods/figures color-clash too much with my theme, so they're my profile.

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thank you for visiting!

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infoinfoI do not accept friend requests, however my PMs are open for contacting purposes.

I typically respond timely to quotes/PMs, however I may be slow or not reply at all. Thank you for understanding.

My sales can be found in my Ads section. Information about my sales can be found in the "About this shop" panel. Please PM me for sales related inquiries.

I'm the admin for the Genshin Impact club, feel free to PM me regarding anything to it.

My profile is best seen in light mode + PC full screen.

Thank you for vising!


˚ੈ✩ my lovesmy loveshttps://64.media.tumblr.com/830ede4be8165b0cf82ea8c5d37dc2a3/7f1a8f781afac566-2f/s400x600/e6dde1316ede6da56078f6315e11cb4fb4ee495c.gifhttps://64.media.tumblr.com/9bd96f750c1354f4c3485a6078adace4/1633860f804e7bc4-28/s250x400/3fab8337e0532f80f20a6dd519161270bef0925b.gif

click on either gif to see my collection of them!

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Manga, Figures and Videos. All the Best for Less

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