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Collecting mostly pretty boys


Please do not send me requests/solicitations asking me to sell any of my collection.






Hiya! I PM'd you about things your selling, please pm me when you get a chance. Thank you!
Vor 3 Jahren
opps! just realize i send you a friend request without knowing you :') sorry! lol
Vor 5 Jahren
theyasminshow Militant Missionary
heathersaurVor 5 Jahren#7469455Are you doing a write up on the Brookstone Car Ear headphones? I just got them a month go for gaming!
I sure am! I got them as a campaign backer so the write-up is looooong overdue x_x
But they're cheaper now so I think you win out, lol!
Vor 5 Jahren
ah, thank you for the quick reply!!

i used to work at michaels back in the day so i recognized a lot of the scrapbooking paper. i just wasn't sure if they carried the shadowboxes you used, but that's excellent! i still can use my employee discount so i am excited, lol!! and yes, great idea on the stickers. they have so many. i would get distracted looking at them all when i was supposed to be cleaning up the aisles, oops.

heathersaurVor 5 Jahren#6661063I get my shadow boxes from Micheals (I prefer them over Joann's) but you can also find them at places like Walmart.
I use just regular packing tape lol I just loop the tape up and place a good sized piece in each corner and stick it on the backing! That way I can at least reuse the frame if I need to (scrapbook paper costs like $2 max but frames cost $20!)
I also suggest browsing all the scrapbook stickers they have and find some they fit your theme (:
Vor 5 Jahren
hi there! i'm sorry to bug you, but i was wondering where you get the frames/shadowboxes for your strap displays? and then, how do you get the scrapbook paper to stick to the back of the frame, which type of glue? i was wanting to try my hand at creating a strap display inspired by the way you do yours, so i hope it's okay to ask!! your displays are always so creative. *_*
Vor 5 Jahren
I saw your comment on the Gothic Aoba plush and you got him on YJP. May I ask whats YJP? (link?)
Vor 5 Jahren
heathersaurVor 5 Jahren#3345691You can post the exact text you had on the blog post there someone will reply. You can also use the links on the first page to scout some out. There's a search option for the thread to find feed back for some shops as well as some proxies have their own feed back thread in the club forum.

Yes I did already organize it. I am using zenmarket due to the reviews. Will contribute to it when i already know that the system works
Vor 5 Jahren
thanks on the note regarding my last blog, lol, though that link you sent me is quite long :))
Vor 5 Jahren
heathersaurVor 5 Jahren#3169758I haven't ordered from them personally, when they first opened up it was charged on release, but I'm not sure anymore. You can send them an e-mail asking.Thanks for the reply! I've contacted them before with no response and I can't find much here on them but I'll contact them again, thanks.
Vor 5 Jahren
Hi! I noticed your comment was linked in the Kyouko n Sayaka entries on where to buy them from and you mentioned Akiba Anime and I was wondering if you had bought from them before and if for preorders the charge is really done at shipment. Thanks!
Vor 5 Jahren

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