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Hiya everyone~~
I'm just another Aussie student, who has recently fallen into the trap of collecting anime figures (bye-bye money!!). I've been collecting manga for a while now (mostly in English)but I barely have any figures...yet nope I've gone overboard collecting figures over the past couple of months and now I already have more than enough of them.
Feel free to chat with me~~~ Although I'm not sure when I'll be able to reply. Uni/college is gonna be hella busy this semester :(

Particularly if there are any other Aussies out there, I would really appreciate your advice on shipping and whatnot - I hear that auspost is getting quite unreliable these days and stuff is getting lost more often.
I also follow seiyuus a lot, although I haven't being doing so recently, although if you look at some of my figures I'm sure you'll be able to notice something - hey, you might even notice something I haven't even noticed~~
Oh, and my tumblr (yamisama.co.vu/) is quite outdated and takes AGES to load, but I'll try fix/update it whenever I have time!!
That's all for now :)

*Currently obsessed with Rei-chan and Yuki-chan~~

Phonebook Magazines:

Monthly LaLa, September 2015
Monthly GFantasy, March 2015
Monthly Sylph, January 2013

Seiyuu Magazines:

VOICE Newtype No. 20, June 2007
Seiyuu JUNON Volume 3, January 2016
Pick-Up Voice Volume 22, October 2009
Pick-Up Voice Volume 34, October 2010
Pick-Up Voice SPECIAL Volume 1, 2012
Pick-Up Voice Volume 99, March 2016

Otome Magazines:

Dengeki Girl's Style, April 2015
Dengeki Girl's Style, May 2015
B's Log, August 2015
B's Log, March 2016

Other Magazines:

Spoon.2Di Volume 2, May 2015
Nyan TYPE (娘TYPE) September 2012
E☆2 (えつ) Volume 34, April 2012




hare75Vor 4 Jahren#5824167Hey~~ Thanks for the FR :)
No problem! I saw your blog post about art books and decided I'd add you xD
Vor 4 Jahren
When a back-order is taking over 2 months...
Vor 4 Jahren
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
hare75Vor 4 Jahren#5612894Hahaha yeah I haven't seen an official "art book" from kurahana-sensei yet, so the fan books are the next best thing I guess. Stuff from art books do get leaked online after a while, but they are so much worth having in hard copy than fan books with mostly game CGs and not much original content.
Btw here's a list of works from kurahana-sensei's website (Japanese): www.chroma.cc/w...
The printed stuff (books, magazines etc) are listed in the bottom half of the page, but I don't see any official utapri art book. You might want to keep tabs on this site incase she announces an art book.

I agree with having hard copies of things; that's why I collect doujinshi after all. Anyway, thank you! I'll keep an eye on that link and just hope for the best.
Vor 4 Jahren
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
hare75Vor 4 Jahren#5612851I haven't gotten a proper chance to look at it properly yet, but after flicking through the pages, it's pretty much a standard otome game fan book (in this case, for utapri ASAS). It's got character profiles/route summaries, game CGs and seiyuu interviews for the main characters (Starish and Quartet Night). Overall it's quite thin - like other otome game fan books, but the art is nice - of course, you can get all the CGs just by playing the game or googling it, so to me it feels a bit silly paying about 2500JPY for a bunch of CGs. The seiyuu interviews are probably a bit rarer, but there's also a chance that someone has scanned and uploaded them to sites like tumblr/weibo.
It's a nice book to have of you're an utapri fan, or if you love the art (even though you can just google most of this stuff), but otherwise....nahhh.
Reiji's CGs were pretty nice imo.
I hope this helped :)

Ugghghg I was really hoping it was a legit art book. I love the official (? non-anime? I don't know how to describe it) art for UtaPri but it seems like the artist or who I think is the artist lol doesn't have an art book available. Weh. One day, r-right ;~;? Lol, I think it's readily apparent you woudld think Reiji's CGs were the best.
Vor 4 Jahren
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Hey! Do you mind telling me what the inside of ITEM #341835 is like?
Vor 4 Jahren
The urge to splurge your money on pre-owned prize figures TAT
Vor 4 Jahren
Heh...so Terraformer finally contacted me about that order from 3 months ago that went missing - the package ended up being returned to them somehow. I'll probably cancel my order and get a refund then (now I've just got to do the same with my ebay one).
Seriously, AusPost either needs to be reformed or we need to replace it with a more reliable service - those idiots even lost a school's TEST PAPERS - how irresponsible!! And there were no problems with the address Terraformer sent, so it has to be AusPost's mistake.
One good thing about getting a refund now would have to be the low Aussie dollar, since I'll probably end up with more money than I spent - I can't believe there's actually a good thing about the dollar being low O_O
Vor 4 Jahren
satsuyuramiVor 4 Jahren#4294816BLOG #24953
May I know what kind of plastic you use fro wrapping your shelves? :O

It's glad-wrap/cling wrap - the stuff you use to wrap food. It's cheap and you'll find it in most supermarkets or groceries: savingcentswith... cdn2.bigcommerc...
The only problem with glad-wrap is that sticks to itself a lot - it took me ages to cover my entire shelf!!
Vor 4 Jahren
BLOG #24953

May I know what kind of plastic you use fro wrapping your shelves? :O
Vor 4 Jahren
You're very welcome! (:
And I'm sure we will! ^_^

hare75Vor 4 Jahren#4270531Hi~ Thanks for the friend request!! I hope we get along well :)
Vor 4 Jahren
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

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