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I'm Kouji and I started figure collecting March 2015. My first figures were ARTFX J 1/8 Scale Ciel Phantomhive and Taito Prize Figure Makoto Tachibana who arrived at my house the same day. While I've always appreciated figures, I honestly never thought I'd become a figure collector, and look at me now.

I'm really into scale figures and prize figures. Not too big on Nendoroids or Figmas but if I like the figure enough I'll definitely snag them. I'm a sucker for an elaborate or unique base and I plan to own every figure that features donuts or sweets.

Free! basically ruined my life tbh

Holy Grail figures:
galaxxxy x PHAT two pack+ Panty & Stocking with Chuck figures
PHAT company two pack+ Panty & Stocking figures
PHAT company two pack+ Scanty & Kneesocks with Fastener
PHAT company two pack+ Yoko & Nia + Boota PSG arrange ver figures
Panty & Stocking BANPRESTO prize figures
Panty & Stocking Nendoroids
Panty & Stocking 1/8th scale Alter figures
Scanty & Kneesocks 1/8th scale Alter figures
1/7th scale Ren Rhyme Mode ver by Max Factory

Holy Grail goods:
Bitter Rabbit line of plush toys
Honekoneko Plush by Medicom
Maguma & Doguma taito crane prize plush 2k15 vers

Please take good care of me MFC!



Hi there!

I saw you have Shirahoshi Grandline Lady special (ITEM #93900) on your wishlist. I have one for sale for 25! PM me if you are interested!
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hanahakiVor 5 Jahren#3174452View spoilerHide spoilerOnly this year! I was never one to buy figures before, like I've been into anime and manga my whole life but figures I felt was never really something I could see myself getting into haha I've always thought, at least the ones I've seen, were very nice though. Ciel and Makoto might've been my first figures owned but the figure that got me into figures was actually Matsuoka Rin's 1/8th scale by Altair! He's my fave boy so when his figure was announced I was like "I'm not even into figures but I'll get like three of him tbh". You can even say he was my gateway figure lmao Oh! Those are all preorders but July - October are swamped haha, hopefully in between I can pick up some I've liked for a really long time that are already released, hopefully some grails. But yeah, July-October are gonna be huge months and opening the packages is gonna feel like an early Christmas and hopefully I'll have some decent space then lol
How long have you been collecting? Did you join MFC already a collector or having interest and just starting? I've been here less than a month but it's become one of my daily website visits.
You have quite a few amazing pieces by the way! I'm always so surprised by the size of RAHs and your Ultimate Madoka is a real eye catcher! Any plans getting the scale since I noticed you have Devil Homura?
Free! is the show that got me into this sorta tenacious fan mentality! Before Free! I was pretty chill about anime, liked them but wasn't really invested in fandom or merch etc. but wow, Free! did lots of things to me and soon after I was hit with the Haikyuu!! manga OTL my favorite episode was the extra one with Samezuka's school festival, it was so funny and the idea of a water gun survival game is really my definition of Eternal Summer haha especially since the summers are hot here! Where in California do you live?
But oh man! Code Geass! For me it's one of those shows I didn't think was going to be a fave but ended up being a fave. I have a few series I either rewatch or reread every year and Code Geass is one of them. I definitely suggest rewatching it when you can, binged preferably!
I just recently picked up a bunch of already aired series to try and gain more general knowledge of anime lmao I'm actually quite picky about shows but I like to know why some shows are exceptionally popular which leads into SAO and wow can I go on about this. SAO's idea wasn't bad, I'm a fan of .hack so the idea of getting stuck in a virtual reality MMORPG is something I won't pass up but the way SAO handled the characters, particularly the female ones (but also Kirito) was really so very disappointing especially since it affected the plot majorly. It was really very good until around episode 7/8, episode 11 is where it went completely down the drain but having gone thru almost half the season I stuck through it but it just didn't get any better and it didn't redeem itself either. SAO is like a blackhole that pulls in great multifaceted characters n spits them out one dimensional and no longer important/as important as they were. I honestly don't see why it's so popular because the flaws are prominent early on but eh, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess.

I first started my collection and found out about MFC about a year ago, but the figures I got weren't anything too special and I just stopped. Then in the past couple of months I decided to get back into it and make an account here a little bit afterwards. Before this recent phase though I spent the past year before that collecting MLP merchandise, which was a lot less expensive, but because of that I spent way too much compared to now. Go figure, eh?

Thanks! I never heard of the RAH line so I was surprised to see how giant it was! It's very impressive indeed, probably my favorite figure just because of how gorgeous and majestic she looks. Maybe someday I'll get the scale Ultimate Madoka figure, but only once I have nothing else I want, since I already have one of her anyway it'd feel excessive to get another so soon. I live near San Diego.

I always binge watch, never anything else for me! lol I also like .hack, but I've only played .hack//GU and seen .hack//SIGN, nothing else beyond that.
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hanahakiVor 5 Jahren#3173990Your display looks really good so far and I really like the way you chose to display them! My display right now is pretty simple but over the next few months lots of stuff is coming in so I'll have to do some type of rearranging and figure out how to keep both lots of figures and lots of books on the same bookshelf before I shop around for shelving or a display case orz This hobby is taking up a lot more space than I thought lol

Thanks! I've rearranged the display since the last picture and I'm still expecting around 15 figures so it's going to go through some more changes in the coming weeks. How long have you been collecting? I see you've got a ton of figures ordered! Are a lot of them pre orders or did you just get a bunch at once? That'll be pretty fun setting them up once they all arrive. It does take up a lot of room, I had to rearrange the entire setup of my room several times until I got everything just right, but it's worth it.

I see you like Free! and Code Geass, I've seen both and liked them too. Although I haven't seen Code Geass since it first aired, so I don't remember it completely, but I remember liking it. I watched the Nunnaly in Wonderland special a few months back and thought it was nice in it's own way. I see you live in LA, that's cool, I'm in California also. My favorite part of Free! was Rin and Haru's trip to Australia in season two, it was pretty funny, lol.

By the way on your MAL it says you hate SAO. I've never seen it but I see it around everywhere. Why do you dislike it?
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hanahakiVor 5 Jahren#3173822Thanks it's still growing haha you have a nice collection here and I see why you asked about displaying, you've got a few series going strong! :D

Yep, part of the fun is figuring out what arrangement "clicks". Still messing around with it but I think I've almost got it.
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Hey there, nice to meet you. I like your collection. :)
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hanahakiVor 5 Jahren#3169731Hi! I noticed your comment was linked in the Kyouko n Sayaka entries on where to buy them from and you mentioned Akiba Anime and I was wondering if you had bought from them before and if for preorders the charge is really done at shipment. Thanks!

I haven't ordered from them personally, when they first opened up it was charged on release, but I'm not sure anymore. You can send them an e-mail asking.
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hanahakiVor 5 Jahren#3108854I really like the different references and just the overall style of the show! It was first and foremost a great visual experience and second pretty damn funny. I love when I come across people who feel the same way because PSG gets so many negative reviews as a show ; A ; I think I'll pick up the BD set this next con, I'll be on the hunt for my grails too of course haha.
But wow! You have Emperor Lelouch and Knight of Zero! I really want to add those to my collection and soon! Code Geass unexpectedly became one of my favorite anime and it's one I like to rewatch every year lol very good buys those are definite grails. I've yet to venture into the RAH line but someone's loot post contained a RAH Kira Yoshikage from Jojo and I was in love. Definitely have to save up for a RAH in this case

RAH are hard to find, expensive and HUGE. I defenitely want one for my collection XD The Lelouch one ( guess who is my favorite character ever huh?) in his Zero outfit looks wacky, but the one in school uniform looks nice....but too expensive on the aftermarket. The Sebastian one looks slick. But the one who takes the cake is really, for me, Link.

Code Geass used to be my favorite when I was a teen, but, as I grew into adulthood and with my domain of expertise, I learned ( and really love) to critique any form of art I come across. I became so nitpicking, that these days I haven't watched any new shows ( most recent I watched was The Devil is a part-timer). My current favorite since 2011 is the ultra-fabulous max Mawaru Penguindrum. I only have praise for this one and its creator, fabulous man Ikuhara. I have really BIG expectations for his YuriKuma Arashi.

It's always nice to talk to people with open minds. I get what you mean. PSG is underrated. I'm not one for vulgarity (I despise shows like South Park, family Guy, etc, that I find just plain stupid) for PSG manages to create art with its vulgarity. And that deserves praise in my book. Anyways always a pleasure to talk with you and sorry for the wall of text! XDDD
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hanahakiVor 5 Jahren#3107728I was never really struck by figures and didn't know they could get so detailed until I saw Ciel and Sebastian. They're so so so beautiful I think they're the perfect figures to start my collection with! I'll have to try putting Ciel on Sebastian's base because I've seen it done and it looks so good. And lol my grails are a little weird right? There's a story behind it actually! I honestly was never into figures but when the Panty and Stocking Twin Pack+ galaxxxy colorway came out I was immediately in love! I'm a fan of galaxxy and I think PSG was a perfect outlet to show case their brand's image. Of course I'm also a big fan of PSG lol
I have yet to get a figma (I actually take this back I have a Racing Miku figma coming soon orz) but I think I'll be on the look out for the one of Griffth from Berserk. He's honestly so gorgeous and they did such a good job staying true to the movies depiction of Griffith. As you can tell I'm really such a sucker for beauty haha but yes! It's always nice to talk to others on here!

What I like best about PSG is how it constantly plays with conventions while retaining its own style and flair. I also like how its is an highly experimental show that likes to suprises its viewer with its many unique animation styles. And if you live in North America you can get it for really cheap on DVD/Bluray. I regret not taking their two transformation outfits when I saw them in a convention last year =(
As for my Holy grails, I'm only missing the RAH Link from medicom and I'll have them all. I got my first two holy grails and they are so damn gorgeous: Emperor Lelouch and his Knight of Zero. I am a sucker for black haired cuties XDDD
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I totally understand your passion for this peculiar hobby. As a fellow new comer in figure collecting, I also get that vibe of OMG it's so damn beautiful you get when looking at them! I never thought figures could be THIS detailed. The Ciel Phantomhive ARTFX is beautiful indeed. It looks even better in person than in pictures. I put him on Sebastian base and I became so overjoyed at their beauty! Interesting holy grails! Panty and Stocking is a ggod and unique show =) I was the same with scales but I was pleasantly surprised with my first figma of a character I don't even like XD And now I'm hooked.

Anyway, always fun to talk a fellow fan =)
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hanahakiVor 5 Jahren#3089045Welcome to MFC! A girly frilly and pink collection really sounds so cute!
I hope you achieve that and share it!!

thank you!! I hope so too!!!*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
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