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«I like the sword guy»
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If you are selling the straps/keychains/other goods on my wishlist, please PM me.

Feedback (as buyer):
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Moe Points
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    ∞ Taisho fashion
    ∞ Shinsengumi uniform (especially when blended with modern elements)
    ∞ Yukata/Kimono/Miko
    ∞ Military/Police uniforms
    ∞ School uniform
    ∞ Thigh highs/garters **zettai ryouiki**
    ∞ Winter/winter-themed outfits
    ∞ Pigtails / braids
    ∞ Suit
    ∞ Glasses
    ∞ Blond(e)/red/odd-colored hair
    ∞ Odd-colored/heterochromatic eyes

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I recommend her %100 as buyer,very honest, responsible and friendly. You can thrust her with any transaction.
Thank you very much for your great patience, I was very worried because mail here is already slow and after the earthquake everything slowed down a lot.
Vor 4 Monaten
gwendal738-2 (Vor 6 Monaten) #25780933Ahhh, I am excited to see! :'D I wish I had enough talent to even do concept drawings. I have so many nice ideas but my execution on paper is shit. :'D
Straps are already the death of my wallet. If figure companies refuse to make Yuuri and Victor scales, then I'm going to throw that money to companies who make straps instead. It's a fair exchange. THE STRAP COMPANIES WILL GET ALL MY MONEY. NO MONEY FOR YOU FIGURE COMPANIES WHO PUT UP SUBPAR/CRAPPY VICTORS except you Koto I like you. Except for the fact that Victor's supposed default expression is EXCLUSIVE //flips tables! AND NO MONEY FOR COMPANIES WHO WON'T MAKE YUURI EITHER! GSC, you're our only hope ToT Pls deliverrrrrrr.
Oh yes, I did see! My friend showed him to me and I was like no. NOOO. In her words, "too disney-fied." That, and it just looks.... Idk. It doesn't look nor feel like Yuuri. I feel like they just slapped his costume and hairstyle on a generic girly boy mold and called him Yuuri. Thank god I didn't order Victor or else I'd be in trouble, I've made myself a promise that I will only get figures I really want and would never re-sell even in the far future. >.<;;;

*Rises from the metaphorical grave after a month of in activity*

omg I'm so behind on replying to people on this site XD whoops~! How are you?

I can't believe it's been a month and we're still no closer to a Yuuri scale prototype. I'm hoping we might see a Yuuri prototype from MegaHouse at the next MegaHobby Expo.

The Nendoroid Coach Victor's design was released as well, what do you think? I was personally hoping for the tan/brown coat from Ep 7 X'D Honestly I'm just glad they didn't cop out and make Victor in the suit with no coat.
Vor 5 Monaten
I saw your comment on the Kino Nendoroid Petit, and wasn't sure if you had seen this yet!!
Vor 5 Monaten
Thank you for your patronage, it was a pleasure doing business with you. A very reliable customer, and easy and quick with communication. You paid exactly when you said you would, and were always quick to respond to messages. Thanks again, and I hope we can do business again in the future :)
Vor 6 Monaten
gwendal738-2 (Vor 6 Monaten) #25778136OMG you do concept designs and illustrations??? I would love to see them! I can't draw for shit, so I always love seeing other people's art. I've met a lot of people here on MFC who are amazing at art and drawing and I'm so jealousss ToT But seriously, I would love to see them if you don't mind sharing them!!!
I on the other hand... Am getting into the whole strap game. X'D I REALLY should get out of this hell before I sink so deep in, but I think it's too late for me. Pray for my soul's salvation. X'D I think I have like 10k in October and those are just straps (and a couple wall scrolls) of various fandoms I'm in. God help me.
... They could make them into garage kits honestly and I'd probably hunt that garage kit down and build it myself I AM SO DESPERATE FOR A GOOD SCALE AND FOR A /YUURI/ SCALE

I do! I really enjoy drawing when I get the time. I'll absolutely post the concept illustrations if/when I get around to it :D

Straps will be the death of your wallet, I swear X'D Once you buy one there is no escape, haha~ omg it reminds me of my January and February YOI hauls, I spent WAY too much money of straps. Totally worth it though, 10/10 would waste money on again. They're so cute, also Tapestries are my jam. I'm running out of wall space for them. I had to take some of my older ones down (and replace them with Victor and Yuuri ones. Obviously)

Same tbh :'D I just want to even SEE a Yuuri scale prototype, I don't even care if it's the probably crappy Toy's Works one. I want a Yuuri scale by SOME ONE darn it! On a side note have you seen the Yuuri Q Posket? I was bitterly disappointed they didn't give him casual clothes. He doesn't look the best but I'll probably buy him anyway, since I ordered Victor already. Thank goodness they're relatively cheap or it'd be a whole other story.
Vor 6 Monaten
gwendal738-2 (Vor 6 Monaten) #25274405OMG I am so sorry for the late reply ;o;
My mom is a weeb like me, so she has no problems with all my orders coming in every month. X'D She thinks Yuuri is ABSOLUTELY adorable, but I haven't told her yet that I bought another Yuuri. And that I plan to buy all the Yuuris. Because I know her reaction will be "... You need more variety in your collection." X'D
SO MANY POSSIBILITIES FOR FACEPLATES. Hell I am sure GSC knows that even if they include just standard faceplates I'll still buy whatever Yuuri and Victor they put out X'D

Equally as sorry for the late reply X'D

Honestly I'm really tempted to throw them a concept illustration and be like 'HERE! I did all the work for you, now DO THE THING!' xP I wonder if anyone has tried that before? Honestly I'm probably going to make a concept illustration anyway because that's just something I do for fun. If I can't have the figures, at least I have my concept designs :'D

That's so awesome your mum is into the same stuff! Variety? Never! Yuuri is love. Yuuri is life XD Every time I think I can ease up on the YOI purchases some new merchandise comes out and I realise I NEED IT. Honestly tohugh I have eased up on the straps, only because I literally have no room for anymore in the Victuri shrine. I may or may not have moved on to badges instead > 3 >b lol

They could make them Co-De Nendoroids and I'd still buy them all at this point. I'm excited to see what kind of scales they'll come out with though, I wonder when we'll hear more info.
Vor 6 Monaten
gwendal738-2 bought some straps from me a few weeks back and it was a great experience! She was very responsive, made the transaction smooth and easy, and followed-up quickly when they were received. Thanks a bunch!!!
Vor 6 Monaten
gwendal738-2 (Vor 6 Monaten) #25274437KJHDSKGJHSKJGH HE IS SO ADORABLE!!! Hope you're happy with your baby! :'D Also omg sorry for the super late reply ;o;

He's so cute sitting on my dresser lol
Ah that's okay!
Vor 6 Monaten
gwendal738-2 (Vor 7 Monaten) #24909013OMG! You should post some photos of him! :'D

Vor 6 Monaten
gwendal738-2 (Vor 7 Monaten) #24908879I don't mind if it's a GSC exclusive so long as we get the rings I NEED DEM RINGS DAMMIT But yes I think we should politely and not so subtly email GSC about these money making ideas. Milk us dry, GSC! Milk us dry! AND OMG YES THE CHURCH BACKGROUND SJGHSKJGHSDG. I will forever display them like that. FOREVER.
Yes. I want prototypes of casual Yuuri and coach Victor omg. I need them. And then they need to be up for pre-order so I can PO them the minute they're available. I am just a tad obsessed. Just a tad.

The amount of extra money I'd be willing to spend for GSC exclusive rings is terrifying. The temptation is real, I mean why would they not want some feedback on how to make even more money than they already do X'D Same tbh, I need a Nendoroid set like that in my life. N O W.

Obsessed? Nah, pfft- of course not > 3 >b My mother likes to continually point how obsessed I am with Victor and Yuuri every time she sees I get more merchandise of them :'D I get it mum. plz stop. I'll be going all 'FS Yuuri release' on them, putting sticky notes everywhere with release time reminders xP I can't wait to see what kind of faceplates they'll come with. Yuuri's little shocked/embarrassed expression looks adorable but I can't help but wonder what kind of faceplates GSC is going to give Victor. A shocked one to go with FS Yuuri doing a quad flip would be nice though :D Bashful Victor would also be much appreciated~ So many possibilities for him and Yuuri too!
Vor 6 Monaten
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