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Additional Figures


https://myanimeshelf.com/upload/dynamic/2014-12/20/Ruby8_zpsd32514de.JPG https://myanimeshelf.com/upload/dynamic/2015-04/16/rsz_dsc00042wlogo-recovered1.jpg https://myanimeshelf.com/upload/dynamic/2015-10/12/rsz_01_12079097_1217330251626134_6761217556596180186_n1.jpghttps://myanimeshelf.com/upload/dynamic/2016-01/12/tz01_icon.jpg


YES!!! I can't wait to get him either!!! :D I wish there was a 1/6 scale Big Sister too though, so she could go with my upcoming LIttle Sister and Big Daddy!!! I was just looking at someone else's NECA versions though, and they are cool though... :D

He has been delayed though, so at the earliest looks like it will be another month or so... :(
Vor 8 Tagen
Ah cool!! Just noticed those are the four RWBY figures... Nice!!! I've found that I've developed a strong fascination for 1/6 scale action figures (like those from Hot Toys, RAH, ThreeZero, etc...). I mean I LOVE them....the real clothes and such, so awesome to me. I've found myself wanting to buy characters I don't even know because I just love these things!! LOL!
Vor 12 Tagen
SWEET!!! You got it...looking good!!! :D
...and you're very welcome!
Vor 12 Tagen

So to do this:

The code should look like this:


So, the first link after "url=" is the link to the actual page. The second link, just behind the "[ img ]" tag, is the link to the little thumbnail on MAS (just as they are shown on my profile page, I just right clicked and hit "copy image URL" - myanimeshelf.co...).

Let me know if that works for you!
Vor 12 Tagen
Haha...awesome, and you're very welcome!!! :D
Vor 13 Tagen
Hey there!! :D

Nah, it's nothing fancy and the links are to MyAnimeShelf since they can't be logged here in this database. I just like to add them here, as I use MFC more than I use MAS.

I don't think it's contributor-only option, but I could be wrong. If you go under Settings > My Profile...under the usual stuff there should be a section labeled "custom" I linked the URL and thumbnail images from MAS there, so I could have a separate area to track my non-japanese figures here on MFC as well...it's all manual though, but easy enough to keep up with since "most" of my figures are available on MFC. So it's basically a picture that serves as a URL link....I can show you a sample of my code if you find that you can access the custom sections, just let me know. :D

Hope that helped! :D
Vor 13 Tagen
Heya again... :D Heehee, and thanks for the FR!!
Vor 21 Tagen
im honored that you're so loyal already lmao
Vor 2 Monaten
eviljackspicer (Vor 11 Monaten) #22167975Happy Birthday! :)

Thank you very much! ^_^
Vor 11 Monaten
eviljackspicer (Vor 5 Jahren) #1333816Hi there,
Where did you order the furyu Nori and Nazuna?
Same place as a_c_e; I couldn't find them either until I saw the comment below.
I was going to look out for them on Mandarake. Amazon.co.jp has the other four by FuRyu so I'm guessing they'll have Nori and Nazuna after release, too.
Vor 5 Jahren
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