Best Goods from Japan
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Xephy caution: walls of text
dustbowlVor 5 Jahren#3042314Thank you so much <3 !!
Welcome~ c: Glad to be of help!
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Xephy caution: walls of text
dustbowlVor 5 Jahren#3042233How would I enter this figure for the watch, would I use the term "苗木 誠"? I had trouble finding figures by searching for the Japanese name I dont know why, for example some of the NGE figures. If I search for example by their Japanese names on Mandarake I cant find them, but some people post Mandarake links and these figures are there. How would be the best strategy to find them?
Hey there! Just leaving this here instead of posting in the comments section.

For FigInStock, starting with Mandarake, it's best to use Japanese keywords such as the name (the one you suggested), specific title (I believe this is Minna no Kuji Dangan Ronpa/みんなのくじ ダンガンロンパ), etc.

With AmiAmi, use roumaji characters. AmiAmi is not really strict with their naming especially with preowned items so sometimes they interchange the surname with the first name, or vice versa. What I do is I put both possibilites - so that will be "Naegi Makoto," "Makoto Naegi"... heck, sometimes just to capture all I even enter individually the surname and the first name. XD Yeah, I'm that paranoid. But doing this will give you loads of results you might not want, or not care about. If you want to filter the results, you have to be more specific. For example, みんなのくじ ダンガンロンパ 苗木 誠 (and do the same for AmiAmi, but in roumaji). That should do it.

For manual searching, as expected, Mandarake yields the best result if Japanese keywords are used. Sometimes you just have to play with the keywords. Maybe spacing, arrangement of characters, etc. are affecting the results. If you want to really be sure, I suggest you start with more general keywords such as names only. This might take more time and effort though if you've got lots of results. Oh yeah, maybe you have not found the items via searching because coincidentally when you searched first for them, the items were not added yet and some people who searched after you spotted them. c: So check back often if it's a highly sought after item. Other than that, try searching for the most common way of listing the items in Japanese. I had the same experience as you with NGE items. There are a bunch of them and it's kind of confusing. My go-to places to check for "listings" and titles are Suruga-ya and Amazon JP. I just copy and paste the names on Google, if those yield similar results in other Japanese shops/blogs/review posts/etc. then you got the right ones.

As for AmiAmi, I do manual checking on the preowned section twice a day if I have something I really want to buy. It's kind of harder with AmiAmi since they are the ones translating the titles and stuff so sometimes I can't predict how they translate the names of other items. It's trickier in English.

Sorry if it's long. I'm no good in explaining. Just ask away if you have more questions!
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Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
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Welcome to the board dustbowl! :)

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Best Goods from Japan

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