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I've left this hobby and sold my entire collection. I'll leave the account up in case people find my customer photos helpful!


I brought ITEM #82595 everything went fine.
good communication and cooperation. Figurine had a good package.
Vor 9 Monaten
Ooooo I absolutely love your collection. So cute ^p^
Vor 5 Jahren
Vor 6 Jahren
De-JaY Teitoku
dranxisVor 7 Jahren#1423962Hello, I have a question about your figure in this picture: picture/35612&a...
I recently bought this same Marisa figure. Mine also came with the bonus sticker that goes on the base, but I can't figure out how to put it on! :( The big star is in the way. I tried to pull the star off, but I was worried about breaking it. I was wondering, could you tell me how you got your sticker on the base?
Sorry to trouble you. ^_^;

Actually, I cut a bit out, put on the big piece and then the small piece I cut out before. It's not the prettiest way but the only safe one I could figure out.
Vor 7 Jahren
Rawr, Slutnae.
Vor 7 Jahren
:D... Happy new year!

7 hours late, though.
Vor 7 Jahren
Nendoroids are the solution for me to fill up tiny spaces between bigger figurines 8D...
Vor 7 Jahren

Can't wait for moar nendoroids.
Vor 7 Jahren
A fellow Touhou fan and figure collector xD wohooo~
Vor 8 Jahren
dranxisVor 8 Jahren#1042316Have a good birthday!

Vor 8 Jahren
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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