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I suppose I should thank you for alerting the entry I made, because I never could find it and so I thought I had to make it myself, but your alert had a link to the page I was looking for. So thanks for helping me out.
Vor 7 Jahren
doku999Vor 8 Jahren#1197450Hi

PICTURE #546631

I'm not sure if you did link the figures in this picture but since you did say you did,
but just FYI, the figures you linked are not the ones in the picture
I know you must be talking about the Hot Toys version of them, better link those to stop people complaining that they are not japanese and you know. That will work for the peace.
Vor 8 Jahren
Hi James,

Thanks for the tip. I would pay attention to these details in the future.

doku999Vor 8 Jahren#1168946I'm in Ottawa after being in Toronto for the weekend so I cant check, but I'm pretty sure the customs sticker was thrown out as I was using the box for something else.

In all honesty, I don't expect you to do anything as customs is the responsibility of the buyer

I'd just thought I leave it as a note for other buyers in countries such as in Europe where they have to pay much more in customs although I do admit you were an excellent seller and highly recommended if they don't have to worry about customs.
Vor 8 Jahren
Appreciate if you can scan me a copy of the receipt and I would talk to my finance person.doku999Vor 8 Jahren#1168338It was around 60 CAD
Vor 8 Jahren
Hi James, I could not lower the value in view of the insurance but I did include in the description that they are gifts as per your request. Please let me know the tax incurred and I will see what I can do. :)
doku999Vor 8 Jahren#1162945Hi Don I've received the two figures today Thanks
Although you didn't lower the value as I've asked :(
Vor 8 Jahren
doku999If you post on you page, ppl wont know if you posted a reply ^^
Heres an official pic for hakata

Thanks my Friend a very nice of you :)
Vor 8 Jahren
doku999I'll tell you what. You can just pay me $66 and I'll ship the figure to you. Since shipping is more convenient for me as the post office is like a minute away from my house and you would have spent around 6 for ttc.

If you pay me before Wednesday, I'll ask someone to ship it and after Wednesday, I'll just ship it Saturday when I get back to Toronto.

I'd prefer if you sent it as gift since I'm already eating a bit on the shipping and you have the option of breaking down my door if I scam you lol

wow that's very generous of you...i mean if anything i'll just pay for the paypal fee i believe its around 2 dollars.
Vor 8 Jahren
doku999My cousin does live in Markham but he's in Waterloo right now...
Now that I think about it, YRT and TTC would have cost you almost $12 anyway right? Just a couple more dollars.

If you do want it earlier, I can ask my brother or someone to ship it, its no problem.

PS I sent it as PM since I thought you wouldn't appreciate a text at 7 in the morning lol

i'm a heavy sleepier don't think text will wake me up :p. well YRT/VIVA is currently free until the end of this month because of the strike but, yeah ttc will cost. Well whichever works or like a midway point near a viva/yrt stop, if you don't mind
Vor 8 Jahren
doku999Want to reply to my pm? lol

I don't want it anymore, ok, I'll pay you tomorrow or even a "k"?

I'm not in a rush since I'll be able to ship it myself next week if you pay later.

Just wanted an update ^^

yeah i keep forgetting to reply to you...you could always text me too that's an instant reply for sure lol. but anyways yeah if you're comfortable shipping it yourself next week then i'll wait. Again, i'm trying to see if i could find a way there to save 12 dollars. :p any of your relative live or commute close to the markham area?
Vor 8 Jahren

Just wanted to let you know I received the statue in great condition.

Thank you
Vor 8 Jahren
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