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I see you have the Kyouko soul gem ring from COSPA. Thinking about ordering one myself, opinions?
Vor 6 Jahren
Happy B'day! :D
And may many more come!
Vor 6 Jahren
Hmm, I thought I knew of most of the main Kyouko fans on the site.

Guess I was wrong. Fine taste, sir.
Vor 6 Jahren
ckxVor 7 Jahren#1484566Your inbox is full, so leaving a comment here:
Thank you, I received the Chihaya keychain from the group order safely. Have a good day!

Thanks for letting me know! :) Apologies about the full inbox~
Also, thank you for participating in the box split!
Vor 7 Jahren
ckxVor 7 Jahren#1461532Nice irony avatar.
Hah, thanks. Love that Tsundere/Moe action goin on
Vor 7 Jahren
ckxVor 7 Jahren#1459022Thanks for the friend request. Kyouko is the best!
I'm excited for her upcoming casual wear figma.

Same! She looks awesome! I like the bag of apples
Vor 7 Jahren
Heck yeah! Go Kyouko ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘
Vor 7 Jahren
ckxVor 7 Jahren#1424693i have a tip for figure collecting
get those figures away from the sunlight lol

Oh god here we go again. http://www.cute-factor.com/images/smilies/onion/1b38f9e2.gif

As commented in all my blogreplies, picturereplies and profilereplies, I NEVER display my collection in full sunlight. For the pictures I only opened the curtains, because otherwise the picture gets grainy and not much is to be seen on it. ;)

I have specially made curtains that let no sunlight through at all and my collection is safe at all times. But thanks for your concern! ;)

I hope when I someday can afford a bigger appartment I can put my figures in a special room. Now they are cramped next to blinded windows...
Vor 7 Jahren
Arie veteran puella magi
Happy Birthday!! :D
Vor 7 Jahren
LOL, is that you, ckx?
Vor 8 Jahren
You can buy Japanese anime and manga merch!

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