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Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have an awesome day!
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Oh shoot, it's been a month and I haven't even responded to you yet :O I kinda have been out of the figure biz for a bit and haven't been to MFC in weeks >.< Apologies again! :o

Yes, I managed to order the Joker via the Kotobukiya JP link you had sent me ^-^ Thanks a lot for that ♡ He's still sitting in FJ's warehouse but I'm having him shipped soon!

Ohhh you like Ori too ♡ It's such a beautiful game with an equally as wonderful soundtrack, isn't it ♡♡ I haven't played the sequel yet but it's high up on my list since it's coming to Switch now :D I've lately taken an interest in lots of indie studios and their games! Especially the indie announcements for PS5 have me so damn excited •^-^• And yes, my bf already preordered one xD His hype was too real lol xD

Btw, I saw that you were enquiring about Myethos wait times in the forums lately. Mind me asking who you got your eyes on? ^.^

What have you been up to lately? Any Corona woes where you are from? I hope everything's going good for you! ^__^ Greetings ♡

Edit: Aaaand it's your birthday too apparantly!! Best of wishes ♡ May the figure gods bless you with lots of goodies! Hope you have a wonderful time ^-^
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Haha I was thinking the same thing with Kaguya! I know people don't like her as a villain because she kind of comes out of nowhere but I don't really have a problem with the final battle since it was more focused on Team 7 overcoming their own personal boundaries than how big and bad the villain was, and I love the buildup to it with everyone working together. It's much better than Bleach's final arc IMO, which was just kind of a pain to get through. It's nice that it's finally getting an anime adaptation but I don't think I'll be watching it... ^^' It's really surprising that Minato hasn't gotten a Nendo yet considering his popularity, I would've thought he'd get one before Sasori. :o But then again I thought a lot of characters would get one before Sasori lol. I'll let you know how Boruto is if I end up trying it first, I only read the one-shot about Orochimaru's kid(?) so far and thought it was okay.

I didn't even find 10... I figured I would find that much by the end of the campaign but a few missions went by where I just completely forgot I was supposed to be collecting something, that's how much I suck at finding them lol. I like that there's a mission select feature so I can collect whichever helmets I need though, I think I'll do that and then try Master. Also tried the time trial again and still can't get below 40 seconds GRRR. My friend is going through it slow because he's working on his thesis (bleh), so might be a while until I try multiplayer. :( I liked the campaign though, and I LOVE BT. T_T He kept playing with my emotions towards the end omg.

Hmm Maki ITEM #317824 is kind of emotionally distant, like she's a genius but she has trouble communicating with others... I guess she's kind of like Sasuke hahaha. Then on the other end of the spectrum there's Yoshiko in Sunshine ITEM #587186 who's more of a goth, she's also a big dork though and is usually teased by the other girls for her "schtick" lol. It's hard to pinpoint who you'd like going into it though, because I didn't think I'd like Nozomi (it's terrible but my first impression was big boob airhead trope) but she has her own angst to deal with and ugh, she's so precious. ;w; Wow what a coincidence, I was just thinking of starting Hunter x Hunter. :O You really like it then? And yeah looks like you get to create your own character in the new game, I hope they give us a lot of choices! I want the full Hogwarts experience! I never tried the movie games since I got into the series kind of late but I kind of regret missing out on them lol. I only tried the Lego Harry Potter game which I couldn't get into for some reason. ._.
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I'll check out the anime then! If it's a good adaptation, that's all I need to hear. ^^ Just finished my Naruto reread and idk if it's because of nostalgia but Pain arc is still my favorite... Not a big fan of the conclusion with Naruto using his infamous talk no jutsu lol but everything else is sooo good. Now I really want Pain and Konan Nendos too... ._.' Have you tried Boruto? I'm curious about the kids but it doesn't seem to be as loved as Naruto. :S

I'll admit I did get stuck a few times with the time travel and felt really stupid when I finally figured out what I was supposed to do, I'm proud of myself for not just looking up what to do though because I tend to give in easily these days. XD (I'll for sure use a guide to find the collectibles on a second playthrough though... I suck at finding those...) Some of the solutions to those time travel puzzles were really clever! I actually spoiled it for my friend too because I was too excited lol, I was like "alright some hallucinations of the past here and there-OMG WE CAN TIME TRAVEL." The action segments in general feel really clever though, like how you'd have to shoot something while wall-running to get another wall to appear or shut off fans at the right time or move cranes to reach other areas. Feels almost like a Mario game which I wasn't expecting at all lol.

lol that's actually a common question, it's live as in live concert. And yeah it's exactly like UtaPri but the harem element is totally skipped over and they're just gay for each other from the get-go. The seiyuu act like idols and perform at concerts, and the mobile game even has the same developer as the UtaPri one. The original series is School Idol Project (two seasons and a movie) and covers the first group, the sequel series is Sunshine and covers a new group, IMO it isn't as good as the original but I know some people prefer them so I guess it's all subjective. Sunshine is also two seasons and a movie but I haven't watched the movie yet lol... Nozomi, Nico, and Rin are my top three but really I love all of them. :D Also Rock Lee is totally a Hufflepuff... Hardworking, loyal, only jumps into action when the people he cares about are threatened... Totally not biased sorting one of my favorite characters into my house. ;P ALSO did you see the news about the Harry Potter game? Sooo muucch HYPE.
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Wow I wouldn't have guessed it's doujin size, I thought it would be like one of those big hardcover ones. Kuroshitsuji is another series I never got around to though. ^^' I wouldn't even know where to start, it seems like there's a lot of anime seasons but the manga is still going so would reading it be better? Or will the anime catch up eventually? Shikimaru isn't one of my favorites but he's tempting for that one smug/lazy faceplate alone, they did a really good job with him! My biggest fear is that a Kiba Nendo actually happens but Akamaru is just on an acrylic plate or something, that would be a deal breaker. :(

lol that was my thought process exactly with Steve! His friendship with Dustin is so cute too. I thought Doom's subs were tiny because my TV's too big compared to a computer monitor but I guess not lol, and the way they were just scrolling blocks of text was weird too. But I figure the story isn't the focus of Doom, so no big deal. ^^' That's a bummer about Wolfenstein, that's another game I wanted to try lol. I'm loving Titanfall so far though! I was expecting it to be like a normal FPS with some wall-running and a mech twist but there's so much action! When I got the ability to time travel at will in that one mission I was like WHOOOAAA lol. I love the interactions with BT too, I hope something doesn't happen to him cuz he's just too precious. He reminds me of Baymax from Big Hero 6 and Baymax made me cry... PLEASE NO BT. PVE multiplayer sounds fun, definitely gonna try it out after the campaign! :D

Omg you ordered Love Live birb! ・8・ I recommend the show if you haven't seen it yet, looks like it would just be cute girls doing cute things but the second season makes me cry every time. T_T ...I'm obsessed in case you couldn't tell. XD Just wish it could have gotten more figures because there's so much great art in the series but lately the companies that have the licenses have either barely been doing anything with them or make weird choices... Like something like this would be nice but instead we get this ITEM #658373 ... "I want a figure of a character in an awkward pose" said no one ever. >_> Ooh you're a Slytherin, interesting! I think am certain that Sasuke would be a Slytherin too so maybe when you get the Nendo you can dress him up in Slytherin robes lol. Please GSC rerelease Naruto already so I can dress him up in Gryffindor robes. T_T
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Scale figures like that K-On set with their instruments would be so cool! But I'd also love Nendos with little instruments... X3 I figured we'd get those eventually, what's taking so long?? The Given art book is smaller than I was expecting, like mook size, but the art is nice of course! I noticed you have the 10 Count art book, how is it? Another series I love the art for. <3 I wouldn't say there's a difference between anime and manga Rock Lee but I just didn't really pay that much attention to him before I guess, like I just saw him as a weirdo lol. ^^' My bad! Now I want Nendos of Naruto, Lee, and Kiba (with a little Akamaru!) but I wish Lee's Nendo came with a drunken faceplate lol. It's cool enough that he got one though, beggars can't be choosers.

Haha sumo wrestling XD It's similar to American pro wrestling but it's presented more as a sport over there (even though it's still scripted). But it's just as weird. View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://media1.tenor.com/images/5b49b99a6377cd0211ac4cd860ec3164/tenor.gif That works, I like detective shows! That's a bummer about Stranger Things though, the second season I thought was okay except for that one episode where Eleven ran away and started hanging out with some stereotypical delinquents... That one felt really out of place. Oh, and also the writers should've pulled the trigger on Nancy/Jonathan in the first season, because when she ditches Steve in the second season it just makes him more sympathetic lol. Poor Steve. If it's not scary that's lame though. :( I really liked Haunting of Hill House on Netflix too, fingers crossed it manages to stay scary next season!

I think I know what part of Doom you're talking about but I wouldn't know what was going on, I actually missed most of the story because I was listening to music and the subtitles were so tiny... ^^' I checked the default settings for Titanfall 2 and yeah, FOV is 70. I'm surprised changing the FOV is even an option, I don't think I've seen that in a console game before. So my first impression of the game was the cool opening movie, I was like "wow! I'm gonna get to be a badass!" *proceeds to struggle with the time trial* lol not gonna lie I spent all night trying to get into the top 3 of that leaderboard. I couldn't even crack top four... ._.' So I'm probably not gonna be able to 100% this game lol, but I got to meet my first titan yaaay.

Oh no, which figures are stuck for you? I've had ITEM #549359 stuck since May I think, and then three Nendos ( ITEM #740269 , Iron Man, and FFH Spider-Man) that were all in the same order. Felt like I waited so long for them already because of the delays but I couldn't justify spending 15k yen for shipping. D: lol package quarantine, gotta protect the PVC people. XD Aw, those Naruto and Sasuke figures are pretty but tbh I still think Kakashi is the prettiest. Perfect centerpiece for a Kakashi shrine. *~* Also I see you ordered Draco! Ugh I kind of want him too, that little bratty face is so cute. >< But then I'd only be missing a Hufflepuff, my own house haha... ToT
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That's good that you're prepared for it at least, it really tries to trick you into thinking there's gonna be a happy ending which is just so cruel. T_T I prefer stuff like Given which is really light lol, probably my favorite shounen ai atm. No figures though. :( I'm still in the middle of my Naruto reread and omg, Rock Lee is melting my heart with his cuteness. TwT Must...resist...Nendo... ALSO Naruto continues to surprise me with how well it holds up, I've tried getting into the new big shounen and they just don't click with me the same way that Naruto and some other older ones do.

I share streaming services too! At one point I shared my Japanese wrestling subscription with two other people and we were all watching the same show lol, but I get other streaming services in return. :D It's just more efficient that way, especially now with a billion streaming services popping up. >_< And the anime licenses are spread so far too, like I have access to Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix for anime but IT'S STILL NOT ENOUGH. Funimation has some good oldies, Hidive has some anime I really wanna watch, and now HBO Max has Ghibli, like GTFO. Too much. ;_; I've definitely heard of Lucifer (I think it's like #3 most watched on Netflix right now) but wow I had no idea he was a DC character. :O Must watch now! And my sister likes Umbrella Academy but I haven't gotten to it yet... Haven't even finished the second season of Stranger Things... orz But I wanna try it!

Wow orange is an interesting favorite color, like Naruto! XD Yeah motion sickness with video games is so frustrating, I hate having to think "will I be able to play this game without feeling nauseous?" :( I think something is up with games this generation because it only started to get really bad for me recently. As for Doom, I don't think it's a long game, but I just played a level a day and left all the exploring for after (with a guide of course). Also if you're an achievement hunter, watch out because there's some glitched ones. I had to replay the whole game over again because of a glitched trophy lol... Just Bethesda things. -_- Aww those goodbye messages! Alright you sold me, I just ordered it. I trust your opinion because you have good taste and you have motion sickness with games too. XD I pushed my friend to get it too so I have someone to play multiplayer with lol, I'll let you know my thoughts on it soon! :D

Ugh I'm so curious to see what kind of figures the other guys get now! I just hate that I'd have to prepay like a year in advance, deposits are fine but giving up all that money to a proxy just makes me nervous. :S Especially now that I'm still waiting on a figure that I paid for in December. >_< Stupid Tsume. I bet those unlicensed figure companies are quicker and their figures look like a better value too.
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Omg I got your reply just as I was finishing Banana Fish. It's fate! XD Ash is a lovable guy and he deserves the best, no doubt about it, but I'm mixed on getting figures for it just because it was such a sad show and I'd only be reminded of the pain. >.< The MegaHouse figure in particular is based off a scene that comes after a really sad moment. Poor baby. :( Maybe I'll just get the Gift plushies lol. But yeah if you can handle some grief then it's a really good show! Reminds me more of Naoki Urasawa's stuff than anything in the shounen ai genre, really blows my mind that it was in a shoujo magazine.

Yeah I've never heard of any TV characters crossing over to the movies, BUT the fact that the MCU got JK Simmons to play J. Jonah Jameson for Far From Home proves that anything is possible lol. JJJ is a relatively minor character but still, the fact that he jumped between universes is pretty impressive! XD I haven't watched Harley Quinn but I've heard good things! I think it might be on TV here but not sure, might just have to find these shows online too because I really don't want to have to subscribe to another streaming service. >.<

I can totally see them rereleasing the whole team especially now that a new season is on the horizon! Seeing Suga go up for pre-order just reminded me how cute he is lol, but I'm gonna resist... Unless Bokuto gets a rerelease. :O ITEM #675840 is the overpriced Nendo I'm hunting. Tbh I don't even care that much for Jotaro, I just think he looks really cute as a Nendo lol.

Yeah it's Doom 2016 and omg I totally relate with the dizziness, my motion sickness is debilitating these days! First time I tried playing Doom I had to stop after the first level because I felt so sick, I just listen to music whenever I play now. I know the soundtracks of these games are supposed to be good and I think I'd appreciate it as a metalhead, but my motion sickness won't let me. D: Wow that's interesting that the titans have a mind of their own, I wouldn't have guessed that. But man I can already tell that would get to me, a freakin pirate ship made me cry in One Piece lol. Does the single-player campaign hold up really well on its own or is it a game focused on multiplayer? lol the Sims craze back in the early 2000s was kinda weird because the games are so simple, I can't even explain why they're so addicting. But the series doesn't feel as big now, maybe partially because the games are so half-assed? Pretty sad when the modders are creating better content than the developers. :( lol GSC should just include different heads for all the Pains. Maybe a DX edition with a bunch of heads... But then you can't display all the Pains together so that creates another conundrum, only one body for all those heads to share! AHHH. Yeah I dunno what the solution is here lol.

Btw I see you wished for the Twisted Wonderland figures, that dude that's painted looks so good. I don't know who he is but I want him solely because I love Disney and he's beautiful. T_T Also that kimono Kakashi resin you ordered is so pretty!! Such a peaceful statue, looks like Kakashi is in his happy place lol.
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Matt and Peter NEED to interact, like they’re both in New York wtf, the city isn’t THAT big! Freakin licensing rights ruining everything. T_T I also would’ve loved to see Cap/Punisher interacting since they have such an interesting dynamic, with Steve being so pure but Frank still respecting him and all. And yeah so weird how Jon and Tom are friends lol but I love seeing unlikely friendships like that. I actually haven’t finished Punisher s1 yet, I know the whole point of the Netflix Marvel shows is that they’re dark and gritty but that one was a little too dreary. The one bright spot for me was Frank and Micro’s friendship, OTP. XD That’s nice that both Dick and Tim are included, love them both. <3 Sorry about your boy Jason though lol, that’s rough. I guess in that case he died a hero before he could live long enough to become the villain? ^^’

I have faith that a rerelease will happen since the anime is still going! And why wouldn’t they really, there’s clearly money in those chubby volleyball boys. I’m currently waiting on a Nendo rerelease too because there’s just no way I’d ever pay $150 for a Nendo, I despise that people sell Nendos for that much. I’ve sold rare-ish figures before but I’ve never marked them up like that because it would just make me feel bad. Why you gonna do your fellow collectors dirty like that? Smh. Aww what a cute Nendo design. I guess I should read the novels that he’s from, but I have so much to read already... ._. Haha I noticed you ordered MidoTaka together, I’m the same way, have to have my ships together. XD Kise and Kuroko is an interesting pair! I like Kagami with Kuroko but Kuroko is shippable with like everybody lol. That’s cool that you actually applied your Kuroko knowledge like that! Anime is so educational. :p

Wow 6 times haha, I might start it after I finish Doom then! I’ve never tried Titanfall but the concept always reminded me of Shingeki no Kyojin lol, looks pretty cool! I totally get replaying games a bunch though, some of my favorite RPGs like Fallout New Vegas and Elder Scrolls Oblivion/Skyrim I’ve played like ten times each... I’ve also 100%’d Kingdom Hearts II twice which is kind of sad lol. My “PC MASTER RACE” friend even prefers playing with a controller haha, blows my mind that there are people who play action games and shooters like that. I only use a mouse to play the Sims. XD I assumed if Pain got a Nendo it would just be the one that looks like Yahiko but now I dunno lol. But dang a Konan Nendo would be so cute. Imma just stick to Sasori and Deidara if that happens I think, just so the Akatsuki don’t take over my display lol. Btw just started Banana Fish recently, I’ve been putting it off because it looked too sad but damn I might need Ash like air too after this haha... ORZ
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Wow I didn't know that! I like that we're trading Stephen Amell trivia. XD Daredevil is so good! But I haven't watched the third season yet because news of the series being canceled just depressed me too much. :( I hope Charlie Cox can return as Daredevil in the MCU in the future, he's just too perfect for the character. I loved Jon Bernthal as Punisher too, hated his character in the Walking Dead lol but somehow his Punisher managed to steal my heart. ToT Other than that I really love Agents of Shield, it has pretty much the same tone as Flash but then halfway through season 1, Hydra comes in (around the time of Winter Soldier) and shit gets real. Wow Young Justice is rated so highly! And Nightwing is in it? :O

Good luck on your hunt!! Seems like all the Haikyuu Nendos get rare, I'll keep a look out but it seems like you're better at finding deals haha, I should be asking you to help me. XD Aww sunflower boy is so cute, especially the blushing face! So many Chinese Nendos lately that I'm completely clueless on lol. Midorima's full-court shots felt so unfair at first (like most of the super powers in Kuroko lmao) but he grew on me, his dorky belief in the magic of lucky items sealed the deal. (Also Midorima/Takao OTP.) And Kagami I just liked from the start, it's like between Kuroko and the rest of the Generation of Miracles he's surrounded by crazy people, but then he's kinda crazy too. XD This talk is making me feel like I need a Kagami Nendo... But then I'd need Kuroko to go with him, and then I'd have to get Midorima too, and then where does it end... >.< Is your friend me?? I have an irrational obsession with Daiya no Ace, I didn't even like sports but I legit started watching real baseball just because I missed it and I realized how much it taught me lmao, so I'll just leave baseball games on sometimes now... Let's go Yankees! XD YowaPeda is more wacky like Kuroko with the powering up whereas Daiya no Ace is more grounded like Haikyuu. I love both styles though.

Neither of us wanna put up with shipping costs, I'm actually holding onto a lot of his stuff too (because we do group orders from Ami) so I guess it's fair lol. Jedi Fallen Order is actually another one of the games I have to get to, it looks really cool! So I'd say that's a good reason to borrow a controller haha, I also prefer playing PC games with a controller in general. I have no idea how people do it with just a keyboard and mouse. Haha I would tell you to resist Sasori but he's so cute, I can't. XD I love that he comes with his puppet body too even though I probably won't use it because I think it's adorable how the big sleeves make his arms look tiny lol. I think it's a sure thing that we get the rest of the Akatsuki, only a matter of time! :D I know that feeling of waiting for the price to drop haha, I usually end up waiting too long and then it's gone forever... XD ToT
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