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Please message me at yongher86@gmail.com
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It's alright. Unfortunately I'm not interested in it at the moment. Thanks for responding, though.
Vor 6 Monaten
Hey, I'm interested in buying your B-style Rias Gremory figure. Is it still available?
Vor 10 Monaten
If you are still interested in selling some of your figures, please PM me. Thank you.
Vor 1 Jahr
Are you still selling Starfire by any chance?
Vor 1 Jahr
Interested in buying your high school of the dead figures
Vor 1 Jahr
Your inbox is so full lol. I’m interested in couple of your figures if you are still selling. Looks like we have very similar taste on figures.
Vor 1 Jahr
Hey, your inbox is full. Any chance you could sell your psylocke to the UK?
Vor 1 Jahr
Still have your Yamashita Original 5? PM me.
Vor 2 Jahren
Hi, aI' interested in your Rias Gremory Griffon ver if you've set a price for her :)
Vor 2 Jahren
hi you selling your FREEZING figurines?
Vor 2 Jahren
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