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I will make her 3D
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Im an environment artist into all things awesome in Anime, Manga and Games. Im generally polite unless I see that figure I'd seriously consider selling my soul for in which case let the hunger games begin ^^.

I collect all kinds of things, even Hentai items, and am always looking out for that figure I desperately want. Currently hunting through the internet for Tsukihime Figures and Fate Stay Night Figures. Basically Type-Moon stuff. Might contact ya if ur price is right ^^

Also I collect militaria and I am a Numistatist (i.e. I collect coins and bank notes) on the side plus I do cosplay and I feature some of my cosplays on my facebook page.


Roll rypeltaja
alterianVor 4 Jahren#7323984Happy birthday Roll. Hope you have a great day

Vor 4 Jahren
Happy Birthday~
Vor 4 Jahren
alterianVor 4 Jahren#6043211Happy Birthday Comrade

Vor 4 Jahren
alterianVor 4 Jahren#4901439HAPPY BIRTHDAY COMRADE!!!

Thank you !
Vor 4 Jahren
Thank you!alterianVor 4 Jahren#3540124Happy Birthday Comrade
Vor 4 Jahren
Don't know if you saw the forum on the NZ Figure Collectors page but I have arranged a meet up for this Friday. 4.30 at Mentatz on High St

alterianVor 5 Jahren#2995878I have a better camera nowadays as well as a dollfie ^^ Just need a carry back for her.
Vor 5 Jahren
alterianVor 5 Jahren#3011401Apparently it is your Birthday. Happy Birthday!!!
Thanks! :3
Vor 5 Jahren
Yes we should maybe I'll arrange one for early June (After I've sent my manuscript off, so exciting/frightening)

alterianVor 5 Jahren#2950676Happy Birthday and may the fourth be with you!!! We need to have another auckland meet
Vor 5 Jahren
Roll rypeltaja
Just wanted to say hello because I noticed you have always wished me a happy birthday and I probably never replied at all because I hardly ever log in on here, haha. :'D Anyway, I hope you're having a great day!!
Vor 5 Jahren
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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Live better. Play more!

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