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Hello✌ I'm kinda busy nowadays, so I apologize beforehand for lack of replies.

I will no longer be using PayPal, to the exception of my SIF account that I'm selling.
Pics of my account here. You can see my card deck here too (may not be up to date).

If you are serious, send me a PM (I also use Line so contact me thru there if you want a faster response).
Don't send me any PMs thru schoolidolu tho, since their messaging system isn't reliable.

More info:
View spoilerHide spoilerI'm asking for GIFT payment thru paypal for this though, since I don't want anyone to rip me off (you can view my feedback in the sidebar of my shop).

*bonus if you buy my account I might send you a bonus item (might or might not be in my shop, but will be Love Live! related).

Please help a broke college student out. I'm trying to do good and leave this game for good lmao.

Serious buyers only. Thanks!

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