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I'm an admin of the Group Orders! club CLUB #618
I mainly focus on user issues but if you have any problems
please don't hesitate to PM me or leave a comment.
I try to respond to messages as quickly as I can.
(please don't pay attention to the date of my "last visit")
you can also find me on:

View spoilerHide spoilerLine: yavooshh (recommended if you need a quick reply)
Twitter: @actual_ritsu (my account is locked but I can receive DMs from anyone)
Discord: Yavimaya#2878
Instagram @yavooshh


please don't send me random friend requests (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

twitter || my anime list || carrd || school idol tomodachi || instagram
about mex


hi! please call me Yav.

Ritsu Sakuma is the love of my life.

I spent 5 years at uni and I still have no idea what to do with my life lol
(studied English, majored in translation)
I have a very fat and old cat and I love her to death.
I'm kind of obsessed with natural skincare
I also do Japanese archery, kyudo. I'm a member of a local club - Kyudo Ayame.

when it comes to figures, I like anything related to fantasy - fairies, elves, weapons, magic etc.
I buy figures mostly for the design so I don't know most of the characters I own scaled figures of lol

I casually play Bandori, Ensemble Stars, Love Live.

splits I'm hosting / feedback
selling list
MOE Punkt(e)
Ritsu Sakuma



Hey, I've made some space. Sorry about that
Vor 16 Tagen
Just messaged you on the female doll body
Vor 1 Monat
Yavimaya (Vor 2 Monaten) #40641399hi, your inbox is full! I wanted to send you a shipping invoice for the nendoroid capes so please let me know when I can send it :)Hi! I was away on vacation, sorry for late replying. ; w ;

I cleared my inbox so you can send me the invoice~! Thank you! :3
Vor 2 Monaten
Happy birthdaaaay!!
Vor 4 Monaten
Najlepszego :]
Vor 4 Monaten
MelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
Happy birthday, Yav!!! All the best +.d(・∀・*)♪゚+.゚ ♡
Vor 4 Monaten
Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪
Yavimaya (Vor 11 Monaten) #30355873happy birthday!!! I hope all your wishes will come true! :D (hopefully I'm not late?!)
Thank you so much!! <3 I did read this on my actual birthday but wasn’t sure how to reply on mobile bc of the new mfc update lmao :’D
Vor 11 Monaten
MelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
Thanks for the birthday wishes Yav!! <3
Vor 1 Jahr
*ah ah ah, ah ah ah, ah ah ah, aoooah
wa ha ha*
Vor 1 Jahr
Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪
Happy Birthday!!!


(I'm sorry if I'm too late in your time zone;;)
Vor 1 Jahr
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