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https://pm1.narvii.com/6430/2d2fb7f21e6c4b62b4084523ab821401f24611ab_hq.jpgHi, thanks for visiting my page! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I'm a gamer that's also super into pro wrestling/puroresu, the MCU, Disney, and (of course) anime and manga. As far as my collection goes, I've been focusing on Love Live, Sengoku Basara, Vocaloid, and Kingdom Hearts. I also have a huge weakness for straps, clear files, and anything Wario.

Favorite Video GamesBy SeriesAce Attorney • Animal Crossing • BioShock • Code: Realize • Danganronpa • Elder Scrolls • Fallout • Fire Emblem • Hakuouki • Kingdom Hearts • Legend of Zelda • Project Diva • Sengoku Basara • Sonic the Hedgehog • Tales • TWEWY • Uncharted • Wario. Anything with Wario. • Yakuza • Zero EscapeFavorite Anime and MangaHide 20th Century Boys • Clannad • Code Geass • Daiya no Ace • Dragon Ball Z • Fairy Tail • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun • Hokuto no Ken • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure • Katekyou Hitman Reborn! • Little Witch Academia • Love Live! • Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica • MonsterOne Piece • Pandora Hearts • Welcome to the NHK • Yakusoku no Neverland • Yowamushi Pedal • Yuri!!! on Ice
OTP3TPNozoEli • NicoMaki • MasaYuki https://38.media.tumblr.com/7ce582cb989421c9fe3abf296f2292f8/tumblr_mlm2xnDaU71rrftcdo1_500.gif



tysm!!! hope you're doing okay <3<3
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That's alright, the only New 52 ones that I've read I believe was Batman and Red Hood. Otherwise, all I've been reading is from Rebirth and some occasional ones like Under the Red Hood and Batman and Robin Eternal to name a few. XD Have you read Grayson? :D

And yeah, I was too late into the whole Batfam thing that I absolutely missed all the Ikemen figures for it. :( I was lucky enough to snag Jason from someone here cause right now Jason and Dick are the rarest to find and their prices are hella expensive. I agree, displaying them with masks at least is okay HAHAHA not much of a fan of their faces too tbh lmao But it was either Kotobukiya or those expensive statues that's worth $1000 HAHAHA

Agreed. Endgame and Infinity War are just on a different level. I bawled so hard on both of them that I couldn't sleep for days when Tony died lmaooo I was in so much denial AHHAHAHAH Definitely Peter and Tony for me as my fave characters! Tony much longer considering he had the first movie, but their relationship just makes me "AWW" all the time I couldn't handle it in Endgame T___T I couldn't watch Endgame more than 4 times, it breaks my heart too much.
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Jason's just that angsty Wayne kid lol Can't help but love him! I love Nightwing so much too ;v; Speaking of him, he's one of my missing Ikemen statues and it's so hard to find him now. I even messaged Koto about it and they were all "We don't plan on re-releasing." XD

Likewise! Spidey was my #1 because he was also the very first comic I read when I was a kid. Then I've been binging Red Hood for a year now and read Under the Red Hood last and Jay just solidified his place. XD They're both such amazing characters! Dude, no shame HAHAHA I've watched Spider-Man Homecoming more than 20 times now, I don't know if that's healthy or not. XD What's your fave MCU movie?
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Hello! Thanks for accepting! And thank you, I see you are a fellow MCU fan! :D IKR Same here! I know nothing about him but he is just beautiful and I'd love to take him home XD

Indeed it is Jason Todd! Hands down my favourite comic book character! :D
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Wario54Vor 5 Tagen#80175960Whoa you’re a VIB now! :o Congrats!!Yes, it just happened today! Thank you, it's definitely surreal. I've been adding to the database for three years now and I've always thought that it would be awesome to become a VIB, but I never thought I'd actually get the opportunity to become one.

And I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've reached out. I had a really rough ending to 2019 and I was very not social at all during it. And I have this problem where when it's been a certain amount of time since I've talked to someone I get it in my head that they don't want to hear from me since it's been so long and I panic and don't respond x-x
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It was my pleasure, and thank you! Noticed you've been making some entries for her in the database and it's been so helpful! I couldn't not want to add someone that was kind enough to spend time making entries ;o;!
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tomocchi Superneko
Happy Birthday. :3
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happy birthday lovely <33
Vor 2 Monaten
yakushining your Highness
happy birthday!! wishing you all the best for today! :D
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Happy birthday, hope it's a great one!
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