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VermillionVor 5 Jahren#3124050Thanks for the info :) Hmm, how did you order it tho? Do Melonbooks accepted int's credit cards?

I used a proxy service to buy it since Melonbooks does not accept international orders.

In this case I used Treasure Japan.
Vor 5 Jahren
VermillionVor 5 Jahren#3106342Heyyy, may I ask where did you buy Jill mousepad? I want to get it too.

Hi, as far as I know, it is only available on Melonbooks.

Vor 5 Jahren
negativezero Making Room
VermillionVor 7 Jahren#1649569Ah, yes, Saber. I really love that one. I pre-ordered but decided to cancel later after found out that Daiki, for some reason didn't make her castoff-able. I just love the sculpted of her body so much. I was going to display her without any armor(fufufu). It looks just great. I was so disappointed back then.

Exactly. There is a "company that shall not be named", that released a cast off version but I never managed to get their ver. either. :(
Vor 7 Jahren
Nice collection. I noticed you have the Yukihime figure. I just payed for a big order from amiami with her in it. I can't wait to get her. :3 Specailly after reading your comment on the page.
Vor 7 Jahren
negativezero Making Room
VermillionVor 7 Jahren#1646862I see that you are one of a strange people(lol) who have ordered Daiki's Yukihime. Have you gotten her yet? What do you think of her? I myself very satisfied with the figure. I think it's one of the most beautiful figure in my collection(though that depend on each person preference obviously, especially this one :P)

If i knew how to do a strange sadistic face using the keyboard I would right now LOL. Mi just shipped today so I should have it by next week, but her unique anatomy reminded me of a figure I missed out on, Daiki's Saber. It's not for everyone but it's beautiful in it's own way and I'm able to appreciate it. She has a unique tall slender frame without being loli. I don't know her source material but she stands out. I hope she's as awesome as I think she is when she arrives. Daiki's usually go on sale but I prefer not to miss out on her.

Not a big loli fan but I do love unique & sexy. I do not open many figures anymore but I will open her when she arrives and let you know what I actually think.
Vor 7 Jahren
VermillionVor 7 Jahren#1579955Happy Birthday to you. Moar Cattleya for you(and me) in the future!
Thank you! The new Cattleya figures are looking good. Still hoping for an Orchid Seed Cattleya someday, that'd be a dream come true!
Vor 7 Jahren
VermillionVor 7 Jahren#1512212Yeah, Dangaioh is awesome. It's one of my most favorite robot. I wish it get remake into a series and finished properly. Need more of them in the SRW. I'm still (not so)patiently waiting for a proper SRW game for PS3.
>More Dangaioh in SRW
I totally agree! I hope that he will appear in OE or Z3 *I would also like to see more Nadesico, Godannar, Betterman, Gun X Sword, Escaflowne and other neglected lately series*
Vor 7 Jahren
You've got Dangaioh too? Man, your taste is definitely great.
Vor 7 Jahren
>Shows involving robots
>Super Robot Taisen
You, my good sir, have an excellent taste.
Also - do I see Giant Robo in your collection? Man, that show is great.
Vor 7 Jahren
VermillionVor 7 Jahren#1325956Hmmhmmhm, I expected no less from you. And I was wondering what'd you think about Daiki's Yukihime. Looks like we have the same good taste after all lol XD
Hehe, great minds think alike! There doesn't seem to be many people who embrace the true beauty of such a figure, but it always feels good to know others feel the same. You have excellent taste, my friend.

Vor 7 Jahren
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