Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
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I have 850+ artbooks, 300+ figures, 150+ LE games, and a ton of other merchandise. Sadly most of my stuff is not listed on MFC. The majority of my collection is here: www.snupps.com/...

My main passions are: artbooks, sukumizu figures/merchandise, adult figures, and adult games.

Erotic figures are my latest obsession. I display all of my figures nude if possible. My house is NOT kid- or prude-friendly and I want it to stay that way. It baffles me how people can own cast-off figures but keep them covered up! I have a particular liking for some of the more lecherous figures, like from Giga Pulse. Companies like this give no fucks about censorship or toning things down for the sake of modesty.

I am especially attracted to figures with fully-rendered labia/vagina ("MOLO" as Moeyo calls it). I find it offensive when this area of the body is glossed over. It is part of the reason I left the BJD hobby. I will make exceptions for some figures, especially fully nude/cast-off figures. The larger the scale, the better. Figures that can only go topless are disappointing to me. It feels cheap and incomplete.

I have recently gotten into makaizou figures. These satisfy my desire for truly nude figures as they tend to be explicitly detailed. Quite frankly most Japanese PVC figures designed to be fully detailed just aren't good enough. Genuine makaizou can be extremely expensive, so I've turned mostly to Chinese resin garage kits. Several of the figures in my Owned and Ordered lists are actually these modified versions:

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1/2.5 scale Kirino Kousaka ITEM #190392
1/4 scale Charlotte Dunois ITEM #331635
1/4 scale Eleonora Viltaria ITEM #287885
1/4 scale Index ITEM #287934
1/4 scale Isoroku Yamamoto ITEM #181970
1/4 scale Kan'u Unchou ITEM #22867
1/4 scale Koneko Toujou ITEM #331693
1/4 scale Kuroko Shirai ITEM #135060
1/4 scale Miu Takanashi ITEM #144373
1/4 scale Percival ITEM #167036
1/4 scale Golden Darkness ITEM #331689 (PVC)
1/4.5 scale Rias Gremory ITEM #167302
1/5.5 scale Natsuha Sawai ITEM #283850
1/6 scale Eriri Spencer Sawamura ITEM #327436
1/6 scale Rie Kawai ITEM #236493
1/6 scale Saber Alter ITEM #144297
1/6 scale Super Sonico ITEM #75284
1/6 Tamaki Kousaka ITEM #6724
1/7 scale Manaka Komaki ITEM #46866
1/7 scale Rias Gremory ITEM #236636
1/7 scale Saber ITEM #363373
1/7 scale Saber Alter ITEM #363374
1/7 scale Sonico ITEM #78615
1/7 scale Tomoka Minato ITEM #198608
1/8 scale Kanetsugu Naoe ITEM #96896

As for the sukumizu, this has been an obsession of mine for quite some time and I actively collect all kinds of merchandise featuring this particular type of swimsuit. I am also strict about the style of sukumizu I collect. It has to be either the "Old" or the "Very-Old" style with the skirt/drainage front. Otherwise it's just a shitty leotard! I am mostly interested in classic navy but will occasionally accept white. No other color, no racing stripes, no newer styles.

Though figures has currently taken priority, artbooks is my most extensive collection and I always fall back to it. My husband custom-built me a bookcase because I could not find one big enough to suit my needs. I am mostly interested in modern moe art styles; I am not fond of older anime artwork. I have so many books that I sometimes forget which ones I actually own, and have to reference my own inventory documents. I also have no choice but to sell or give away a portion of my collection from time-to-time because I literally run out of room!

My LE games collection consists mainly of PC games. Most are eroge, but I also have a weakness for European games. I'm a gamer - but when it comes to buying limited edition versions of games, I am really only interested in the goodies that come with it. Artbooks and figures of course, bed sheets, pillow covers, tapestries, towels, posters, plushies, clocks, mouse pads, photo frames, mugs, letter opener swords, music CDs, drama CDs, shitajiki, cards, calendars, keychains, maps, t-shirts, I love physical items like these as opposed to digital privileges. I have all kinds of fun stuff to dig through in just this one part of my hobby room alone.



Thanks! ^^
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Thank you for the birthday wishes!!!
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Thank you so much Venetica
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Thank you so much!!
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*tips hat*
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hi, you have a awesome Dream Collection there ... something we all dream of having.
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Nice collection you got there
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KingofTheFiguresVor 3 Monaten#78197131That Kirino GK you have is amazing my friend. May I ask how you made or got it?
PM sent :)
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That Kirino GK you have is amazing my friend. May I ask how you made or got it?
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Thank you!! Hope I can have a house like yours one day :3
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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