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Hi and welcome to my page :)

I'm Ashton, a girl who loves 70s and 80s horror (but good horror is good horror so era doesn't matter too much), painting and collecting old porcelain dolls, BJDs, art, writing, listening to music, goth culture and fashion, gaming and of course, figures. My collection is small (money doesn't come easy) but that doesn't make me love my collection any less! I love all my gals and they make me so happy. I'm definitely not into anime as much as I used to be and I definitely haven't been watching any recent anime for a long time. But I still enjoy collecting merch for the anime I know and love.

Please be careful on my page if NSFW figures are something you don't want to see, I like gore and sexy anime ladies (occasionally sexy anime men), i can't help it. Also I'm regrettably a fan of BL and GL. The Nitro Chiral BL games are huge guilty pleasures of mine. I know they're problematic as fuck but please don't cancel me.


Welcome to the board SwampGoblin! :)

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Live better. Play more!

Über uns

NBC Hannibal, Twin Peaks, Sailor Moon, South Park, Basically every 90s and early 2000s cartoon, Hellsing, Black Butler, AstroBoy, PMMM, Monogatari, Kaleido Star, Azumanga Daioh
Devil May Cry 1 and 3, Blazblue, Gravity Rush, Bioshock 1 and 2, Jet Set Radio, Space Channel 5, Rule Of Rose, Haunting Ground (which I'm lucky to own), Silent Hill, Deadly Premoniton (please don't make fun of me, it has sentimental value), Pikmin
MOE Punkt(e)
Nurse Outfits, Nun outfits, Maid Outfits, Succubi, Chubby, Bunny Outfits, Gothic (as a goth girl i appreciate my fellow real or fictional goth girls), Tomboys, Megane, Kuudere, Monster Girls (slight monster features or full on monster, both are hot)
Me-Al Art, Jack Off Jill, Scarling, Queens Of The Stone Age, Death Grips (unfortunately), RadioHead (also unfortunately), Placebo, anything Akira Yamaoka, TOOL, Puscifer, A Perfect Circle,lots of Boomer Rock like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, The Prodigy




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