«Figures or Money. You can't have both ;-;»
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Hello, and welcome to my (somewhat small) collection!

I haven't been collecting figures for very long (I started by in May 2013), but my collection is already starting to grow really quickly.

I've enjoyed watching anime for the past few years, but I didn't start buying merchandise until this year. I suppose it's because in previous years I've spent my money on numerous other big ticket items (don't get me started on how many instruments I own O-O). On top of that, I never really saw the appeal of figures until I got my hands on one for the first time when I order Volume 8 of Pixiv Quarterly.

On a little side note, other than music, I really love drawing. I'm currently working on writing my first manga series, though I haven't got much done since I've been busy with my blog. Hopefully I'll have the story finished this fall so I can start working on drawing the panels. My dream job is to be an animator, maybe even run my own studio in the future. (that would be amazing, but also highly unlikely).

Oh yeah, I also love seeing all the awesome figure photos on the web, so I'm planning to do some photo shoots very shortly.

Last thing. If you're interested, I have a blog about anime related stuff (including figures) and a Youtube channel where I've started posting music covers.

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Mainly anime
My favorite are RPGs. A few games I'm playing right now: Recettear and Civilization V
Supercell, Demetori, and Vocaloid producers like kz and Mitchie M to name a few
Canon Rebel T3i
Dell XPS 8500 (i7 3.40 GHz Quad Core, 16GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 7800 Graphics Card, 250 SSD + 2TB HD)


Messaged you about Hiei
Vor 3 Jahren
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
Vor 3 Jahren
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
You are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
Vor 3 Jahren
Happy Birthday!
Vor 3 Jahren
Happy birthday! n₩n
Vor 3 Jahren
Hi there, skycell! Finally found your MFC account xD Thanks for accepting my friend request! Now please excuse me while I bite my fingers in jealousy of your collection...
Vor 4 Jahren
View spoilerHide spoilerSkycell (Vor 4 Jahren) #1819812Thank you! I still haven't got around to posting more covers since I've been busy/lazy. I have too many hobbies that nothing usually ends up getting done :/
I still haven't finished Watamote (I think I'm at episode 6 or something) but I thought it was pretty good. I'm generally not a fan of dark humor, but I laughed my ass of while watching it. So much to watch, so little time ;-;
As for figures, I'm extremely limited on funds too; I can't really order anything else until I get my job back over winter break. The good thing about the Miku Dolfie is that I have a year to save :P Definitely going to pre-order the Levi figma as well (I'm assuming there is going to be one). Unfortunately, that's probably one of the few things I can afford to order in the next few months. As hard as it is, I think I'm going to pass on the nendos and scales for now since I'm limited on cash ;-; Also, I would LOVE Annie merch. I really hope they release some, but I'm sort of doubtful.

Talking about being lazy and busy huh? I know that feeling too. Usually when I come back home and finally force myself to do the homework and study I'm all burned out and don't want to do ANYTHING at all. Even things that are supposed to be fun and relaxing. I can just do nothing at my PC or sleep if I have time left. Ah lets both pray that won't leave Annie behind! There are at least a few straps with her so maybe when they'll be done with most popular ones we'll see something >.< But just in case, I ordered that Deka Keyholder of her. I grabbed it immediately as I was hesitating with the last one and it got sold out lol. Also there was that one charm of her that I wanted but I found out too late and split was already full ;-;
Vor 4 Jahren
Great youtube video. I love the electric guitar sound. I would love to learn it one day. I bought a classic guitar exactly two years ago...and I haven't touched it. It is sitting in the closet, pristine. Now that I can afford lessons maybe once a week, I think I'm gonna go for it. Eventually I want to learn electric guitar. And I used to play the piano and violin (want to take up the violin again too). Ahhh...if I only had more money and time...the instruments and lessons I would buy and the music I would create. :)
Vor 4 Jahren
Wow I see you have lots of stuff on your ordered list! Man I'm so jealous! Especially of that Miku dollfie haha~ I also see you've snatched Eren and Mikasa figma. Are you planning to order Levi as well? I'm in a big dilemma right now as I have limited founds and have to decide what should/can I order and what to leave behind but it's so hard for me! Eren and Levi nendos look so cute and owning Levi figma would be nice too but there's still two scales of Eren incoming and I secretly hope for Annie merch to come out too. Plus Mikasa scale oh my I want so much stuff but I don't have money. Ah sorry for ranting on your profile but it's such a problem for me right now haha. I'm glad that I don't have anything more serious to worry about right now!
Btw I've checked out your yt cover of Watamote OP~! It's really nice! I wish I could play some kind of instrument too...I used to play flute in primary school for a year and that's about it when it comes to playing things different than PC games lol.
Anyways~ what do you think about Watamote as an anime? I definitely enjoyed it! It was scary how similar I am to Tomoki haha. But also I never laughed so hard while watching anime ^^
Vor 4 Jahren
Skycell (Vor 4 Jahren) #1702976Thanks! Haha, that's exactly why I got my Snow Miku. The more I started to see her as people started posting their pictures, the more I wanted her.

Haha, I practically got most of my figures the same way. The moment you see them it's hard to resist
Vor 4 Jahren
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